Soldier’s Surprise To His Family Goes Viral.

April 26 – Joe had a lot of friends show up at a banquet room to celebrate his 50th birthday. It was quite a milestone, for sure. Sadly, someone was missing… his son, who was serving his country at sea.

As the party started going, Joe’s wife told him and the others to look up and watch a pre-recorded message from their son. In the video, the soldier said: “Hey dad… Just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday. Sorry I couldn’t be there, but duty calls. But if I was there, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. If I know you, then right about now, you’re probably about to get teary-eyed. So why don’t you turn around and give your son a hug.”

Joe froze for a second, not real sure what he just heard. And then he turned around. And there was his son. Joe couldn’t get to his feet quick enough to give that special soldier a hug, and the tears flowed from most everyone in the room, especially from Joe. 

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