Someone Left A Newborn Puppy To Die In An Alleyway On Christmas Day.

In Yorkshire, a little puppy, not even 5 weeks old, was tossed out in an alley on Christmas Day and left to die. Fortunately, someone found the little dog as it was struggling to survive.

When the dog was taken to a local veterinarian, it didn’t appear likely that it would recover. It had completely lost the use of its legs.

After some time, and a lot of talk among the veterinarians, they felt the dog would never have the quality of life it deserved. They did not take this decision lightly at all, but they believed that putting the little puppy down was the best thing to do for it. So it was put to sleep.

But RSPCA officers are not going to let it go. They are planning on tracking down the person who put that puppy in the alley. And with the help of witnesses, they believe that person will soon be found, and brought to justice.

Ya know, it’s always a sad day when an innocent animal pays the price of a cruel, heartless human being. 

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