Son Didn’t Invite His Own Mother To Meet Their Newborn Baby After An Argument With His Wife.

Giving birth is a painful procedure that begins with the surge of emotions that a woman experiences during her pregnancy, followed by different challenges and labour agony. During that time a wife would want only her husband by her side since she would be the most comfortable position around him. Read the story and help this father-in-law who needs help to come out of a situation that his wife created between their son and daughter-in-law. 

Source: Reddit

My wife has been in constant contact with our daughter in law (our son’s wife) about plenty of things. Their very recent argument ensued after my wife kept insisting on being present in the delivery room despite getting a resounding “NO”. My wife was having none of it and after my son and his wife changed hospitals to throw my wife off after she threatened to barge into the room. She eventually found out (I didn’t tell her) and got very mad. I told her to stop and think, because if she keeps this up she will lose all chances to see her grandbaby. She told me off and went to make a huge scene at the hospital my daughter in law was at. It did not end well and my wife came home crying hysterically after getting chewed out by our son and kicked out of the hospital.

Things remained tense until my son called to invite me to see the baby for the first time, he did not invite my wife which sent her into a mental breakdown. I had an argument with her after she tried to guilt me into staying with her and shame my son for keeping his mom away from her grandbaby, But I told her “I told you so” and said that she had plenty of opportunities to get right with our daughter in law but she blew them away because of her stubbornness.

She started yelling about how unsupportive and cruel I was, just like our son to be siding against her instead of defending her and staying home with her when our son banned her from meeting her grandbaby. I went anyway and she kept arguing about me taking the wrong side instead of defending her. I feel bad for her but at the same time I think that she was being irrational and made this a competition despite knowing how our son and his wife felt about her behavior.

What is your opinion on the son’s decision?

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