Son Drastically Starts Losing Weight, Then Mom Learns Truth He’s Been Hiding At School For Months.

Deirdre, of Garden City, New York, loved her son Liam very much, and was very concerned when his outgoing behavior changed. He stopped playing with his friends and even gave his parents back his iPhone. What kid does that? One day, someone punched him on the school bus.

After he spent a few weeks with his dad in Saratoga, he came back home with a noticeable weight loss, and he was only eating one meal a day. He didn’t want to talk about it. But a few days later, he was admitted to the Children’s Medical Center in Queens. When he was released, Deirdre was finally able to get out of him what had happened.


He said he was bullied a lot in seventh grade, and after he made the soccer team, two kids really started picking on him. They made fun of him in all different, horrible ways. So Liam withdrew, and the school administrators were not protecting him.

Soon after, Liam was again admitted to the hospital. This time, he required a feeding tube and a heart monitor because he was so malnourished. The school denies any bullying occurred. But Liam’s parents know better.

Facebook/Deirdre Fell-O’brien

Several other children have reached out to Liam with cards and words of encouragement. And Dierdre is still fighting the good fight against bullying.

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