Son Faces Dad’s “Ultimatum” After Refusing To Attend College And Wanting To Use His $400K Tuition Money For Starting A Business.

Arguments over money, as well as fights between parents and kids very frequently occur and this combination is exactly what most often contributes to a major deterioration in family ties.bRead the story to know what happened between a son and father and let su know your thoughts on this.

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I(48M) have a son that graduated this year from highschool.

We (my wife and I) started his college fund the minute we found out she was pregnant. Since we make good money (in the mid 6 figures), his college fund currently has almost $400k in it.

We have never told our son what to do with his life. We may have guided his decisions as any good parent should, but since he was still young we let him make his own decisions.

We also never expected academic excellence or forced him into sports or artistic activities.

Now that he graduated highschool, he said that he did not want to go to college. We said as long as he was sure, he could do whatever he wanted. He refused trade schools too. He also did not want to work with us in our business.

He said that he planned to use his college fund to start a business of his own. I said that I will allow it only if he takes some Business Management, accounting and law classes in the nearby community college. I said that I would pay them out of pocket and not from the fund. And then I would expect a well made business plan before I would give him the money. My wife agrees 100%.

But he called us AHs for holding his college fund hostage to make him do what we want. We think we are just doing our best to make sure that his business succeeds. So Am I A Jerk?

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