Son Grabs Mom’s Hand When Their Favorite Song Comes On, Their Dance Is Lighting Up The Internet.

Lucy Stevens of Louisiana couldn’t sleep one night. She was tossing and turning and it just wasn’t going to happen. So she got up and started talking to her adult son, Lance, in the kitchen. Then, it happened. Their song came on the radio.

Now, you need to understand that these two … this mother and son pair … having been dancing since Lance was a mere toddler, so bopping to the beat was nothing new to them. But this time, the video camera was on, and it captured the love between a mother and son in a dance that had all the right moves.


It was Meghan Trainor’s song, “Dear Future Husband,” and as it played, they twirled, they spun, they shuffled and boogied on through the night to get Lucy through her sleepless minutes. At one point, Lucy says, “This is what happens when you can’t sleep in Louisiana.” Near the end, something funny is said and Lance breaks down with laughter and hits the floor.


But he’s quickly back up and moving with his mom again. Throughout the video, there is laughter, fun and most of all, love. The incredible video of a son dancing with his mother went viral.

Take a peek at this incredible mother-son moment for yourself in the video below! They’re just so good!

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