Son of fallen deputy crushed when he doesn’t win dad’s squad car at auction but then man walks over with keys.

What does YOUR car mean to you? To some, a certain car means a whole lot more than it would to anyone else.

Tanner Brownlee lost his dad back in 2015. The deputy with the Weld County Sheriff’s Department in Colorado was killed in the line of duty during a police chase.

There are so many memories in pictures hanging throughout the house that Tanner and his mom share, and Tanner cherished the many things that his dad left behind, like his dad’s leather motorcycle jacket that he often wore. And they had the flag encased that was flown over the White House out of respect for his father.

But there was one thing of his dad’s that he really wanted more than anything else… his patrol car, a Dodge Charger with almost 150,000 miles on it. And it just so happened that his dad’s retired patrol car was being auctioned off. So Tanner had a great opportunity to get the car that was so often driven by the man he loved and respected so much.

During the auction, Tanner and his mom took a front seat, and was hoping no one else would have interest in the patrol car, just so he could afford it. It was valued at $12,500. But as the auctioneer rapidly spit out higher and higher bid amounts, Tanner found himself competing with other interested parties. And after a while, the bidding for the car got so high, that even Tanner’s high bid of $45,000 didn’t stand a chance.

The one guy left he was bidding against just was not going to give up, but Tanner had to. And his dad’s patrol car went to the stranger he was bidding against for $60,000. $60,000 for a car that really wasn’t even worth a quarter of that amount… and who was this guy who wanted that car so badly? It surely didn’t mean as much to him as it did the son of the man who used to drive it.

Tanner was immediately heartbroken, but he knew he sure gave it his best shot. That stranger was then given the keys to what was now HIS patrol car, and it was his to do with it what he pleased. So that stranger, later identified as a man named Steve Wells, took the keys, ambled over to the fallen deputy’s son, held out the keys and said, “Tanner, here’s your car.”

Well the shocked young man looked up at that stranger… took the keys and started to cry. And his mom next to him did the same. What Tanner and his mom DIDN’T know, is that no matter how much Tanner bid, he was going to be outbid by that stranger because that stranger wanted Tanner and his mom to know that the entire community supports them, and will do whatever it takes to help them after losing the one thing they truly cherished the most and can never replace.

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