Son Of Fallen US Soldier Receives His Dad’s Car 15 Yrs Later.

Several years back, Army 1st Lieutenant Jonathan Rozier paid the ultimate price in Iraq while defending his country. His wife, Jessica, was completely and understandably shattered by the news. But she had to get through that devastating time as best she could so she could raise their 9-month-old son, Justin.

While growing up, Justin could not remember his dad… he was far to young when he was taken away from him. But there was always that connection. He felt it, and he knew it was a connection he was always going to feel, because life was tough without his dad.

Not too long after Justin turned 15, that connection he felt for his dad grew even stronger, so he told his mom that he would really like to have something that meant a lot to his dad, like one of the cars he had driven during his lifetime… ANY one of those cars.

Well, Jessica KNEW that was just going to be impossible, since she sold the last car her husband owned shortly after his death, so she could make ends meet in caring for her young baby. Justin was saddened by that, even though he knew it was a long shot anyway, completely aware that so much time had already passed.

Jessica could see that sadness on his face, but there was no way she could get back that old 1999 Toyota Celica convertible her husband used to drive. It weighed heavy on her mind, and on her heart. And after a few days, Jessica decided to post something on Facebook about it.

Part of her felt she was just wasting her time… but another part of her felt it was simply something she just had to try. So there it was… posted…. an old picture of the car with information about it, and why it was so important for Jessica to get it back.

Many would simply read the post and wish the best for Jessica in finding it. But there was one man… one man in all of the thousands who looked at her post….who wanted to track down that car for Jessica.

** HELP ** Can someone please help me find this car? It's a 1999 Toyota Celica convertible. VIN jt5fg02t3x0055626 It…

Posted by Jessica Johns on Friday, 11 August 2017

He didn’t want to just find her a duplicate of the car; he wanted to find the exact car that was owned by Jessica’s husband. That man was Kyle Fox, and Kyle was very determined. And it just so happens that this very determined man found exactly what he was looking for… the late Army lieutenant’s car, identified completely through its VIN number as the one he had owned so many years ago.

Kyle then took up donations to buy the car from its current owner, and he found a few mechanics who volunteered their time to work on the car and make it just like new, because they were made aware of the story behind it.

In the meantime, Kyle had told Jessica he found it and bought it, and she was thrilled. And they kept their little secret from Justin, waiting for just the right time.

As that right time approached, Kyle drove the Celica from Utah all the way to Texas to present the car to Justin on his 16th birthday. And when his mom, surrounded by other family members told Justin that his dad’s old car was coming up the driveway, Justin was shocked. When he first sat in the car, he was speechless.

Says Jessica: “It’s a link to the past for him,” tearfully adding that she, too, really needed to see that old car pull in the driveway once again. 

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