Son Who Lost His Mother To Cancer Left His Wall Street Job To Help Chemo Patients.

Men and Women realize the higher purpose in life some day during their careers, that is when everything that they’d been doing seems meaningless. They quickly move away from their current situation and start a new life and here are 11 people who left their well paying jobs for incredible reasons.

1. Zach Bolster of New York was a VP at successful hedge fund, while wife Patricia was successful in her career in real estate. Zach had to leave all of that and go take care of his mom who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“After about six weeks she passed away, it was really quick. My first week in town with her we went on a two-mile walk – went for a kayak ride – that was the last good day that she had,” he says.

Bolster realized whilst at the hospital how many cancer patients had difficulty getting to their treatment on time. That’s when Chemo Cars was born, Using their own money, Zach and Patricia, started the organization that uses software that integrates with Uber and Lyft to get cancer patients safe, on-demand rides to and from their treatments.

They work with treatment centers to identify patients that might need a lift and ChemoCars monitors all the rides to make sure people get there and back safely.

In the eight months since they started, they’ve given away more than 2,000 free rides.

2. I am 74 years old, can speak 11 languages, have children who work in private equity firms and have the qualification to be an advanced engineer…but the highlight of my life is that until today I have transported more than 500 emergency cases to the hospital and tried my best to at least give them a chance to survive. For that, if I am forever called an ordinary taxi driver — I gladly and proudly accept.”

When in the middle of the night this man and his suffering wife could not get a cab to stop for them and to take them to the hospital, this is when this Mumbai Engineer sacrificed it all for a better and more wholesome life.

An engineer with Larsen and Toubro now drives a taxi on the roads of Mumbai to ensure that no one is left behind and no one is left crying on the streets for a cab to the hospital.

3. Meet Leanne Lauricella, a woman who quit her stressful job in the city to establish a sanctuary for baby goats! Recalling her days as a NY career woman, Leanne told Cosmopolitan: “I had a great job… but the commute was awful, the stress level was high… I was feeling completely unfulfilled and I knew there had to be something more.”

Then one day in 2014 she visited a farm and fell in love with baby goats. Eventually, that lead to establishing Goats Of Anarchy, an organization that takes care of special need, orphaned and disabled goats.

“It was clear that this was the lifestyle that I wanted… I decided to trade in the high heels for muck boots and my Mercedes for a classic Chevy pickup, and I’m loving every minute of it.”

4. She grew up in a house with parents who had disabilities and rarely ever took a vacation because there weren’t details available on accessibility to places for people with disabilities.

When Neha Arora was old enough to take her parents out, people asked her, why do you even bother taking so much trouble. It was this continued feeling of disappointment and helplessness that prompted Neha to give up her corporate life and start Planet Abled

Neha takes care of group outings, solo adventures and personalized family vacations and ensures that every little detail of the trip is checked by her team so that any hiccups can be avoided.

In November, last year, she organized the first ever rafting trip for people on wheelchairs.

5. “Living a purpose-driven life gives me a feeling of making the best use of my time on this earth,” Devoting my life to helping animals is my way of coping with the knowledge of the horror experienced by animals every minute of every day.” Says Laurelee Blanchard, founder of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, in Haiku, Hawaii.

In 1999, Laurelee left a successful career in commercial real estate to devote her life to rescuing animals. Leolani Farm Sanctuary is home to more than 200 rescued animals who were either discarded or orphaned by hunters. Some of Laurelee’s residents include chickens, donkeys, Guinea pigs, ducks, cats, rabbits, geese, pigs and tortoises – all needy animals are welcomed here.

Offering a safe haven for animals, Laurelee works to repair this damage and hopefully spread her message of compassion to help animals far from the bounds of her sanctuary.

6. As parents we try to be there for our kids as best as possible, but at times work takes priority and we miss some events in their lives. When his 10 year old daughter presented him with a list of 22 landmark events that he missed from her life, this CEO of a 2 trillion dollar investment firm quit his job to be home with his wife and daughter.

The list had simple things like, first day of school, first soccer match, Halloween parade and parent teacher meetings. But Mohamed was guilty of missing of those special moments with his daughter.

In May 2013, Mohamed El-Erian’s resignation shocked the financial world, yet made him a great father.

7. It started off from elementary school when he couldn’t see students in the cafeteria throw away food. Coming from a humbled background, his Korean culture did not allow wastage of food. At the age of 24, Robert Lee was earning in six figures working at J P Morgan, but alongside that he was also volunteering at RLC (Rescuing leftover cuisine).

RLC was founded by him and Louisa Chen when they were in college. The whole mission of RLC was to salvage food from all types of restaurants and deliver the food to homeless shelters around the city. Robert soon left his high paying job and became a full time employee at RLC. Till date they have provided over 250,000 pounds of food in 12 cities around the country.

8. Based in the US and Delhi, the Miracle Foundation is inspired by the idea that miracles happen when you bring together those who have, with those who have not. The non-profit offers tangible, fulfilling ways for people to help orphans.

“I had never met an orphan until my first contact in India. I was ignorant of their pain and loss. I got new clarity and perspective on how the blessed can bless others.” Says Caroline Bodreaux, 47, the founder of Miracle Foundation, who was once an account executive at a TV station earning more money that she had ever dreamed of, but the money didn’t give her the happiness she was looking for.

I was confused because I always thought money would bring happiness but instead, I felt empty inside. I was sure there was more to life.” says Caroline.

Deciding to quit her rewarding corporate job and take a trip around the world. In an Indian village out of nowhere, a dream was born. Looking at the children in this Orissa orphanage, precious in every way, but sad and empty looking. it dawned on her that poverty was so much more than just the lack of necessities.

“While I was in the village I thought I was experiencing life at the bottom of the pyramid, but meeting the children gave me a whole new perspective about what poverty is. Poverty is not having enough people who love you.”

9. Just 10 days old and the doctors told Sol Ryan’s parents that his left arm has to be amputated. Parents Ben and Kate were left in misery and could not believe that their first born would have to live this way.

When asked about a prosthetic limb, the doctors said a plastic arm can be fitted after a year, but only when Sol is 4 years old, is when they can fit an electric arm that moves.

Ben Ryan, a psychology professor was not willing to wait for 4 years. He quit his job and started working on the prototype for his son. He approached Bangor university to use their state of the srt 3 D printing machine and was able to build a prosthetic arm for Sol that would sense movement too.

Mr Ryan has since set up a new firm, Ambionics, to concentrate on prosthetics full time.

10. As the marketing director of a very successful and popular TV channel: Comedy Central, Bill Griffin just wasn’t content. There was something missing and he decided to explore for it. He quit his job and founded, a platform where anyone could write their wish, and the crowdwish team would make one wish come true every day.

They’ve gone to hospitals with flowers, popcorn and donuts for the medical staff in an effort to appreciate their services. They’ve sent birthday cards from all over the country to an ill boy.

They’ve even put up a billboard MISSING SIGN in search for the ideal boyfriend for a London based girl. Working alongside a dedicated team of expert deal brokers, researchers and negotiators, Bill has been able to put a smile on thousands of faces.

But there is a warning too, with the site’s FAQ saying: “If you need help getting closer to your ambitions, hopes and dreams, then that’s what we’re here for. “If you are expecting some random website to instantly make you a millionaire or whatever, then think again friend.”

11. A man left his corporate job so he could pursue his dream to travel with his beloved feline friend who had rescued him during the toughest time.

Meet Willow the cat and her cat dad Richard! Richard East has been traveling with his trusted friend Willow since he left his job in 2014. After spending 10 years in corporate Australia, he took a leap of faith to pursue something he’d always wanted, but he couldn’t do it without his best friend, Willow.

Willow was two years old when Richard met her through his ex-girlfriend. She was adopted from a shelter in Hobart, Tasmania. Soon the kitty took a liking to Richard and was always there to keep him company, following him like his shadow.

During Richard’s toughest days, Willow never left his side. When Richard’s ex-girlfriend told him that she wasn’t able to keep her cat any more, he happily offered to look after her for the rest of her life. 

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