Son’s Gift To His Caring Parents Will Bring You To Tears.

Parents always try to do the best for their kids. And sometimes, those kids actually remember that, and here are 10 stories of children paying off their parents’ mortgage.

1. On Christmas Eve of 2016, Kris Kawasaki posted a video to YouTube that he was gonna surprise his parents with something very special, but first, he had to record his Call of Duty binging. He had planned for more than a year to give his parents a lot of money to pay off their mortgage. And now was the time.

So, after a nice Christmas Eve dinner, the family gathered in a room for presents. When they peeled away the wrapping from Kris’ present, they spotted an Apple logo on the box and thought it might be a Macbook. Oh, how wrong they were.

When they opened it, there was a huge stack of $20 and $100 dollar bills. Mom was so stunned, she spilled the box on dad. But they were thrilled and champagne was soon popped.

At the end of the video, Kris encourage others to give back to their parents, saying there’s no other feeling like it.

2. A child graduating from college is plenty enough to make any mom and dad proud. But 22-year-old Andy Evans wanted to make that moment a little sweeter for his parents when he graduated.

At a little family get-together after the ceremony, his mom read aloud a letter from Andy telling them that he had paid off the final eight years of their mortgage.

Andy, a graphic designer in Manchester, spent several years through college saving up the money by selling his artwork.

His parents were quite touched by their son’s generosity.

3. Joe Riquelme is a successful app developer in New York. So successful, that he wanted to do something to take the burden off of his parents.

For Christmas in 2014, he sat with them and gave them an envelope. As his mother started reading the note inside from Joe, she started crying.

Joe’s note told his parents that he had just paid off their mortgage, so they would never have to worry about it again.

Lots of hugs were exchanged after that.

4. Last summer, 21-year-old Pavin Smith was the first-round draft pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks, which earned him a $5 million signing bonus. So this past Christmas, Pavin decided to use some of that big bonus to pay off his parents’ home.

In a very touching video, his mom reads out loud a letter from Pavin saying what he was doing with his money, as dad stands behind her. Both are brought to tears by the letter, and his mom says “You can’t do that!”

5. When you make it in Hollywood, you can make a lot of dreams happen. Chris Hemsworth, half of the Hollywood brothers duo who did good in Tinsel Town, paid off all of his parents’ debts – including their mortgage.

His brother, Liam, said he hopes he can follow Chris’ lead with another good-hearted gesture toward his parents.

6. “I’m A Celebrity” star Scarlett Moffat watched her life change dramatically when she became a regular on the jungle-based reality show. Because of her popularity, she was able to pay off her parents’ mortgage.

She told others on the show, “I just wrote them a letter and said, thanks for being mint, and sorry for leaving fake tan all over the house, and then I put a cheque in for them.”

7. 33-year-old Ian Harrison of Scotland wanted to pay back his parents for all the sacrifices they had made along the way. He said they gave him a “ridiculous amount of love” and unwavering support over the years, so he thanked them during his mom’s birthday celebration in 2015 by giving her a big card that told them their 5,000-pound mortgage had been taken care of, and they would no longer have to worry about it.

Mom Norma broke down in tears and her husband, Ian Sr., comforted her. Both were shocked by their son’s tremendous generosity.

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8. In Sugarland, Texas, three siblings got together and worked out a plan to help their mother out with a really nice gift this past Christmas.

Nigisti Asgedom had sacrificed a lot over the years for her children. Now, her children wanted to pay her back. So, together, they gave her $45,000 to pay off her mortgage.

Nigisti has had to work two jobs for quite a while to keep up with her house payments and bills.

Hopefully, now, she can retire from at least one of those jobs.

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9. A young man in Canada hadn’t been home in two years, nor had there been much, if any, contact between him and his mom. Then, one day he shows up at her doorstep with his luggage.

She smiled, invited him in and asked him what he wanted for dinner. No other questions asked, no whys, just complete and full acceptance… that her son was back.

So, to thank her for loving him unconditionally, he waited until His birthday and then he gave her an envelope with a check to pay off her mortgage.

He had been saving the money up for years to do this for her and, on his birthday, he wanted to celebrate the woman who gave him life.

10. Back in the second-grade, a young Stefun Darts promised God that one day he would help his grandparents pay off their house if he was fortunate enough to do so.

While Stefun was going to a Houston college, he spent nights microwaving pizzas and always passed up going out with friends and splurging. He did this for six years. And the money he saved by doing that amount to quite a bit by the time he’d finished college. He then presented his grandparents a $15,000 check to pay off the last four years of their mortgage.

They were quite touched by their grandson’s kindness. But he wasn’t done. Along with the check for their mortgage, Stefun also bought them a trip to the Bahamas.

Says Stefun: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched… but are felt by the heart.”

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