Son’s Reaction When He Meets His Biological Dad After 25 Years.

I’m sitting here in a restaurant waiting for my son who i put up for adoption 25 years ago at the age of 25. I was married with a infant son. One morning I awoke to find my wife cold next to me. she had a brain aneurism during the night and passed away. I completely lost it, my whole life was turned upside down. My mother was murdered when i was 4yo at the hands of my father. As a result i grew up without a mother. (my dad got away with it) l was a mess and could barely take care of myself, so i put my son up for adoption so he wouldn’t have to grow up without a mother like I did. I always regretted that decision. Recently he contacted me on fb. We re meeting for the 1st time today. I was so nervous yet excited at the same time.

We had a awesome lunch together, (even though neither of us ate much) i couldn’t believe how much he looks like his mom! I explained the situation to him and he was very understanding. I told him about my life, and he told me about his. Turns out we share alot of the same interests! I left feeling great! And we made plans to hang out next week!

Source: Reddit

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