Staff Calls Cops When 6Yr Old Boy Ask For A Television For His Mother.

Oftentimes, when kids grow up, they don’t forget what their parents went through to raise them. Here are 10 stories of kids giving back to their parents.

1. 6-year-old Raith of Australia disappeared from his home on Mother’s Day. His frantic parents called police, letting them know they believe he was still in his pajamas. And sure enough, Raith was spotted by some nearby store workers still in his pajamas.

He had ridden his bicycle to the store to buy a television set for his mom for Mother’s Day. Of course, he didn’t have any money at all to buy one. Ahhh… to be young and dream.

2. A homeless Mexican teen, Jorge Campos, desperately wanted to do good for himself and his parents. So after taking over their finances and budgeting what little money they made, he was able to buy them a home.

And now, he’s enrolled at Harvard for economics through a federally funded program for low-income students. Not a bad deal at all for everyone involved.

3. 9-year-old Jalen Bailey of California just loves to bake. He apparently was born with some mad oven skills. Now he’s cooking up some big business through his small home-based bakery, which sells cookies, bread, muffins and tarts.

But his big plans are to raise enough money through his baking to buy a big house for himself and his mom.

4. In San Antonio, while his friends are out swimming or staying glued to the TV, 13-year-old Jaziel Williams sits and braves the summer heat to sell bottles of cold water on his street corner for a buck each.

Jaziel has been doing this since he was 10 years old, and he does it to make a little money so his parents won’t have spend any money buying him back-to-school supplies.

5. 14-year-old Willow Tufano just LOVES Lady Gaga. But the Florida teen’s business acumen is enough to make anyone go Gaga.

While her real estate agent mom was clearing out Florida properties to sell the homes, Willow was taking those junked items and auctioning them off.

In doing so, she was able to raise about $12,000 to put down on a $100,000 home and become a very young landlord.

6. Josh DeShong of Dallas was brought up by his single mom and she encouraged him a lot, even when others didn’t. When he got into the real estate business 10 years ago, people told him it would not work out. But his mom, Vickie, gave him a lot of support.

Today, Josh owns a few real estate companies, and recently surprised his mom with a brand new home. She couldn’t have been more thrilled… or more proud of her son.

7. When you think about your grandparents….well, maybe they lived a pretty rough life. Like those stories of walking to and from their one-room school with no shoes on, or having little to eat when they were kids. Kahealani Paradis’ grandparents had it tough too. For their entire lives, they’ve lived in homes without running water and electricity – items that we all too often take for granted.

But Kahealani wanted to change that for them. So she cashed out her husband’s retirement fund and bought them a home with all the nice amenities. And the look on their faces when she told them? Priceless.

8. In Uganda, Phiona and her family were homeless, and just barely getting by. Then one day, when she was 9, her brother took her to a chess academy in the area, and she started learning how to play the game.

She got very good at playing, and her instructor was very impressed with her skills. Soon, she was beat some very well-seasoned players. Then she went on to compete in several tournaments in Russia, Turkey and Africa.

Eventually, she had won plenty of money from those tournaments, and was able to buy her mom a nice house.

9. Back in 2007, Laney Griner of Jacksonville, Florida, took a picture of her son on the beach that would instantly go viral. Maybe you remember that little boy holding a handful of sand with that determined look on his face. If truth be know 11-month-old Sammy had just eaten some of the sand…and that’s why he’s looking the way he is in the photo.

But at the same time, Sammy’s father, Justin, was having kidney, issues, and in 2009, had a complete kidney failure and was in need of a transplant.

When the family started a GoFundMe page to help with the extreme medical bills, it was pointed out that Justin was the father of that famous little kid where all the positive memes came from. In no time at all, that GoFundMe page raised more than $100,000. Guess it doesn’t hurt being a little famous.

10. Joe Riquelme’s parents did an awful lot for him while he was growing up. They got him through school and paid for college. And eventually, he graduated from the University of California.

Some time after that, Joe developed a popular video-editing app for the iPhone. So he was pretty darned successful. Then, for Christmas, he gave his parents an envelope. It contained a bunch of legal papers and a note from Joe telling them that their house was paid off.

Needless to say, they were shocked, and burst into tears at the awesome gesture from their son.

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