Staff’s Response When Old Woman Tells Her Hands Were Ugly Will Bring You Tears.

Brandalyn Mae Porter lives in Texas, and she’s a caring young woman. She spends much of her time at a nursing home working with the elderly and painting the fingernails of its female residents.

When one elderly woman came up to her and presented her nails, Brandalyn asked her the typical question: What color would you like? The woman said she wanted “Clear.” Clear?, Brandalyn thought. Well, that’s no fun. So she asked the woman why in the world she would want to have her fingernails painted clear.

The elderly woman looked down at her weathered hands and said that her hands were ugly, and that she didn’t want to draw any attention to them. Brandalyn was quite caught off guard with that answer. So she took the woman’s hand and said: ‘Your hands tell the story of your life. They tell the story of love, of care and adventure. These hands have touched and held things that most people can only wish to one day.’

The elderly woman looked up at Brandalyn and said… she wanted her fingernails pink.

Today I painted a new residents nails at work and as we were going over colors, she mentioned she wanted clear. The only…

Posted by Brandalyn Mae Porter on Monday, 22 August 2016

Have you looked at your own hands lately. What kind of story do THEY tell? 

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