Step-Dad Cries Seeing His Birthday Gift.

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, but one young girl wanted her stepdad to experience the best one ever, and here is a very special scavenger hunt.

Lacee Jusino wanted her stepdad Jason to have an incredible 35th birthday so she put him on the path to elaborate scavenger hunt as her mom Melany filmed his progress.

Jason had to answer some questions and find envelopes containing words that ultimately spelled out the big surprise and those words were: ‘Will you be my dad’?

It all began at the family’s home in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Jason was given a set of co-ordinates to enter into his GPS. It led him to the first envelope hidden among some toys in a shop, another set of co-ordinates put him on a pier near the Fudruckers restaurant.

Then new co-ordinates sitting to a bar, where the bartender handed him another envelope. The last envelope sent into a Build-a-Bear then the family went out to dinner so Jason could open all the envelopes to figure it all out.

When he opened all the envelopes he was staring at the words Will, You, Be and My in a jumbled order. Then a waitress gave Jason the fifth and final envelope with the last word, which when put together right asks: ‘Will you be my dad?’

After Jason put all the words together right Lacee hugged him and they both started crying, She then handed him the official documents for adoption and to legally change her last name to his. 

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