Step-Daughter Made Her Dad Cry With These Legal Documents.

Source: Reddit

My biological father was not so great. He could be very spiteful and cruel, and I spent a lot of my childhood riddled with anxiety because I was afraid of ticking him off. But this post isn’t about him. This post, in honor of Father’s Day, is about my stepdad.

This post is about the man who has spent the past 5 years married to my mother. Who has taught me that Dads can giggle, not just yell. Who has taught me that Dads can be silly like in the movies. Who has taught me that it’s okay to wait for a man who can be fun and kind with me. That your standards can be higher than, “he doesn’t hit me, so he’s a good guy.”

Today for Father’s Day I gave him the paperwork to complete an adult adoption, so he can legally be my Dad. He cried because he was so happy and excited. He reminds me that it’s not all bad. Have a wonderful Father’s Day 🙂

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