Step-Mom Embarrassed Her By Calling Autistic In Public.

So I was born with mild aspergers, and the only thing it really affects is my social skills, but I’ve basically been cured of it. Anyway, throughout my life it’s been a thing for my step mom to blame things on my “autism.”

Some examples:

drops a cup What the hell?! See, this is what happens when someone gives birth to a child with autism! 

trips and falls Oh, can’t you control your autism?

accidentally bumps into someone Hey, learn not to do that. People will be able to tell you have autism. 

gets a B+ I feel so sorry for you. You probably won’t be able to get into a good college because of your autism…. 

As ridiculous as it sounds, she’s serious about lots of these things, and it usually hurts me, but today was different. We were in the grocery store when I was carrying a bunch of stuff to the cart, and I dropped one of the items by accident. She gave me a death glare, and said pretty loudly, “Why is your autism making you drop things all the time?” 

Everyone turned their heads to our direction, many with disgusted faces. Then one old dude slowly approached, and pushed a small box of crackers out of her hands and said, “oh, dear, you should be careful of your autism.” The tone he said it in was hilarious. 

People burst out laughing, and I tried so hard to hold in my snickers. Her face was as red as a tomato, I could tell she was embarrassed and infuriated. She couldn’t even say anything back. But it was true. If anyone’s “autistic” here, honestly, it’s gotta be her.

I’m really, really grateful to that man. I’d never have the guts to do that. 

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