Step-Mother Wasn’t Ready For This On Her Birthday.

6 stories of surprises for stepmoms.

1. In Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, two sisters gave their stepmom a big surprise for her birthday. They gave her papers to legally adopt them. And it was the best thing she could have asked for.

Emily, 20, and Christina, 23, asked Diana Gopear to be their mom after she had been married to their father for 16 years.

Diana had raised the girls since they were young, after their biological mother left them.

2. Ginny Davis of Lumberton, North Carolina, got one of the biggest surprises ever for Christmas. When she unwrapped her present from her step-daughter, she found adoption papers that would legally make 19-year-old Alexis her own daughter.

She cried tears of joy. Alexis’ birth mother was never significant in her life, but when she met Ginny, she found someone who truly cared about her.

3. Last December, Keri McNaught of Ontario believed she was going to unwrap some clothes when her 16-year-old stepson, Travis, handed her a package.

She said, “I hope it fits.”

Then she opened the gift. Inside it were legal documents to adopt Travis and her other step-daughter, Ava.

Said Keri, “I love these kids to death. It meant everything.”

4. A young girl’s birth mother walked out on her when she was only 5. So now a young woman at 23, she pulled her step-mother to the side, kept holding onto her hand, and started reading her a letter, which explained what she did for her when her mom left her.

The letter said: “You’ve never given up on me, even though I’ve given you a million reasons why you could have. I was always your Number 1 fan. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you. You mean more to me than words could explain. I will forever look up to you and I love you so much.”

Then, the young woman who had just shared her inner most feelings with her step-mom got down on one knee, pulled out another paper and asked, “Will you adopt me?”

5. It was quite a gift to receive on Mothers Day. Autumn Rose is 20 now, but her step-mom had started raising and caring for her 17 years ago.

Autumn read her a letter, a portion of which said: “It’s no secret that you’ve gone through the ringer while trying to raise me as your own. From endless battles with my mom to getting me through all the tough years, to being there for every good moment in my life.”

And she thanked her for so many things. Then, she handed her a box. Inside was a blanket, which the step-mother immediately put over herself. Also in the box was an envelope containing adoption papers.

Both women cried and hugged, each saying they loved the other.

6. A 21-year-old woman in Cincinnati, Ohio, gave her step-mother a very special Christmas gift last year. Marissa Thamann handed Heather Thamann a nice, flat Christmas ornament with a photo of the two of them.

On it read: “My wonderful mother.”

Well that was really nice and Heather was thrilled to receive it from her step-daughter. Then Heather turned over the ornament. It had the words: Will you adopt me?

Heather broke down and cried, and said, “I’ve been waiting so long….”

You're My Mom

"My step mom has been there for me since I was 4 years old after losing my mom when I was only 3 months old. After 17 years, I finally asked her to legally become my mother on Christmas morning. Her face says it all." To support our mission, Pre-order the Love What Matters book in time for Mother's Day: #LoveWhatMatters A Love What Matters Original Video Submitted by Marissa Thamann

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Bonus story: We’ve so far been talking about special step-moms. But there is a special step-dad out there. His name is Hank Blankenship. And he has raised young Alexander and Cassidy for 13 years.

During a family gathering last September in Salem, Virginia, 15-year-old Cassidy came out with the sign that read: “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

Then, Hank and his wife Deirdre’s own two children came out wearing shirts that read: “We want a whole brother and sister, not halves.”

Finally, 21-year-old Alex came out and handed Hank a set of adoption papers to make everything official. And Hank, who almost never cries, just broke down.

It was a very special moment for a very special man. Because, you see, Hank raised his step-children as his own, dealing with all the hardships that come with parenting. And he never let them down. Not once. Even though he’s completely deaf. 

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