“Stop Complaining About Your Neighbors”: Guy Maliciously Complies To Landlord’s Request, Waits Until Neighbor Falls Through The Ceiling.

Moving into a new apartment is always a risk. We hope that the transfer goes easily, but when disagreements between neighbours eventually develop, it can be awkward to bring them up for fear of causing irreparable tension. If you’re lucky, your neighbours and landlords will be accommodating and handle any difficulties quickly. Unfortunately for one renter and his roommate, they appeared to have gotten a double whammy of highly noisy neighbours and an unresponsive landlord.

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I moved into an apartment with a roommate last summer. When we first came in, the biggest part of the sale was the fact that the apartment was freshly renovated, and soundproof (This one is important, and you’ll see why), so when we got in, my roommate immediately fell in love with it, and I was too. When we moved in, we were very careful not to bother anyone, as we wanted to quickly have a good relationship with our neighbours (“Oh, did you see the new neighbours? They only move during the day, they don’t make sound during the night, what nice people!” kind of deal) and we can safely say it worked.

What we did not know, however, is that we were only three renters when we first came in; us on the floor, another family upstairs on the opposite side, and another one on the 3rd floor, with one empty apartment between us. Turns out the ‘soundproof’ statement was accurate, but only in regards to the inside-to-outside situation. When our upstairs neighbours moved in, it was a goddamn nightmare. Sound from 5am to past midnight, five days in a row, dropping stuff, speaking loudly, yelling or walking in their apartment with shoes on.

Out of frustration on the fifth day, I walk upstairs and meet my neighbour, at midnight. I ask them to cease their activities for the night. I have work in the morning, and I cannot be kept up all night. I understand they were freshly moved in, and they might have had a tight schedule, but midnight was too late to be moving stuff.

He didn’t reply and closed the door on me. I go downstairs, and the sound starts over again.

I notified my landlord, and he told me he’ll handle it, and apologized for the situation, explaining to me my neighbour was just moving and that he probably didn’t understand what I was saying because of the language barrier.

The neighbours were extremely loud. I know a lot of Karen will use that as an excuse to shower their neighbours with hate, but when I say it out loud, I mean it. There was no stop to their loud noises, it seemed like they couldn’t be bothered to hold something without dropping it, or jumping up and down on the floor, or purposefully banging the bed frame against the wall when having sex.

I recorded the event, and even installed microphones in my home jacked to my computer, activating and recording every time there is strong vibration in the house. Over 98 events on monday February 14th. I was livid. I sent that to the landlord and explained that this cannot continue. First the apartment was poorly soundproofed, which meant we were hearing every damn sound at all times. Second, we had notified the neighbours about the situation, and they had ignored it. I have notified the landlord to awaken them to our situation.

I reported the issues several times, and even advised my landlord that there were very heavy sounding thuds coming from upstairs, which worried me. He answered with “Stop complaining about your neighbours, already! I have other things to do!”

I have answered. “Understood, sir. Please be advised this will be my last communication and action to help you in that regard.”

You know when I said I heard loud bangs? Turns out our upstairs neighbour was doing bench-press lifting in his living room, and the heavy thuds I kept hearing was him dropping his weights on the ground. I had warned my roommate about removing anything she didn’t want broken from the living room, and lo and behold; four days later, the first crack appeared. Then another. The floor was giving up. I moved the couch out of the way, and moved the TV and consoles into the bedroom. Fast forward to three days ago; after another series of loud bangs, I head a loud crack, followed by a “OH F*&^!”, followed by very loud noises.

I went to the living room, to see my neighbour on the ground, with several actually gruesome injuries due to the fact he just went through the floor and brought his bench and weight rack with him. I called an ambulance, and the police. The police asked me if I reported the issue with my landlord, which I could confirm, due to my communications being made via email. I sent everything, and I am now, of course, filing to break my lease due to uninhabitable dwelling.

The landlord came in yesterday, and just proceeded to explode. Told me I should have made him aware that my neighbour was doing dangerous things, to which I answered I had notified him about the very loud sounds and he never investigated, and that he also ordered me to stop complaining about my neighbours. It was not my responsibility to go out of my way to protect his assets if he is unwilling to cooperate with me.

My neighbours, roommate and I are now residing in a hotel until we can find a new place to live. We are now also looking towards adding a bit more salt to the injury by maybe filing for criminal negligence against both our landlord and the neighbour, the first because the apartment was apparently having some flaws and the latter for endangering us (had I not caught up on what caused the sound earlier, me or, god forbid, my roommate could have been under that.)

Anyway, it was a fun week. And I do enjoy the accommodations of my hotel. Never went to a four-star spa-included hotel before. Turns out the chocolate on the pillow is a lie and I am very disappointed about that.

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