Stranded Big Hairy Biker Was Out Of Gas. But Is Stunned When A Woman Did This.

Sometimes, people scare us by their looks. Maybe its the stereotype that follows them. And maybe it’s US not looking beyond that stereotype, and here’s a story where a scary-looking person is helped by someone he would least expect to do so.

Grant Hidy was in a world of hurt when his motorcycle ran out of gas on a dark and bitterly cold night. He was a big, hairy, tatted up biker in dark clothes on the side of the road. Now who was gonna stop and help out someone like him? He knew that, and he was shocked when someone actually DID stop. But he was even MORE amazed when he could see who that person was. It was a young mother and her 4-year-old daughter.

Says Grant on Facebook: “A wonderful young woman, I believe she said her name was Tina, pulled over to make sure I was okay. I explained what happened and she offered to go grab me some gas as she had a gas can on her. Before I could say no, she rushed off and spent the last of her change to make sure I could get home to my family. My goggles were frozen, and so were my hands and beard. I was in a pitiful state, with no cash to offer for repayment. Grant then asked that if anyone knew who the woman was to please contact him, because he wanted to give her a Target gift card for her kindness.

He added: “She didn’t have to stop. Few people would. A big, hairy, tatted up biker on the side of the road gets more dirty looks than smiles. Help me find her! Thank you!”

Well, within a few days his post made its way to Tina Smithee-Ortiz, the woman who DID help Grant. Tina only had seven quarters on her after heading back home from the laundromat. She said she decided to use that small amount of money to help the stranded biker any way she could.

Says Tina: “If I was broken down, I just hope someone would care enough to stop and ask if everything was okay.”

Grant was amazed by Tina’s generosity. Just stopping to ask if she could help meant a lot to him.

He said: “Nobody would’ve stopped. I told her, ‘I look like a serial killer’. Nobody’s going to stop and ask me if I need any help.”

But someone DID stop to help him. It didn’t matter to Tina how scary he looked. What mattered to her… was helping a stranger in need. 

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