Stranger Brings A Huge Smile To This Disheartened Boy.

Source: Facebook

My son is 7 and is a HUGE baseball fan.

He plays little league in the hopes of playing for the San Jose Giants someday.

We were at the game today and my kids and I sat along the 3rd base line in hopes of catching a foul ball.

For 7 innings bigger kids kept coming over to our section and pushing in front of him to get balls.

They called him little, and one said to the others, “so what we can get it first” when it was pointed out he had been there first.

Each inning, and older gentleman passed by my son and saw him, glove on his hand, waiting patiently and each time he passed him he saw my boy get sadder.

My son was so discouraged he started asking to go home.

As we were getting ready to leave, that same gentleman came and said, “your son has been waiting so patiently, so I want him to have this.”

It was a game ball he had caught in his part of the stands minutes before.

My son had a megawatt smile and said thank you about 50 times.

His day went from discouraged to “best day ever” from one simple act of kindness from a stranger.

I didn’t catch the gentleman’s name, but I hope to see him at another game so we can thank him again.”

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