Stranger Paid For Her Tires When Overheard The Stressed Mom’s Conversation.

Getting a surprising car bill is no fun for anyone. A mother took her young daughter with her into a tire repair shop to fix a flat tire. She could deal with that. It was what they told her soon after that had her shaking her head.

The woman, named Alex, stopped in to America’s Tire in Hemet, California, to get her tire repaired or replaced. But workers there, after a close inspection of the remaining tires on her Silverado, told her they were ALL bald and in desperate need of replacement.

That stressed Alex out. She didn’t have the money to pay for all new tires. But another customer heard her dilemma, and with hardly any hesitation at all, offered to pay for those new tires she needed.

That customer, identified only as Phil, who is 70 years old, left Alex nearly speechless, except for saying thank you a lot. Everyone in the store was shocked at his kindness.

Says Sergio Rodriguez, who posted about the incident on Facebook: “Alex said thank you about 100 times. Phil was mister smooth and humble, with a big heart. This man blessed this young lady and simply asked that she pay it forward. I absolutely love this. He dropped almost $1,500. Probably saved this girl’s life and her kids.”

And for Alex’s part, aside from all the thank you’s…. she definitely plans to pay it forward. 

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