Stranger Pays For The Little Boy’s Haircut Seeing His Parents Struggling.

Autistic children can have a meltdown at any time public. There are usually many stares, but sometimes, more positive things happen, and here are 10 stories of reactions to autistic children.

1. It was a simple haircut. But a young boy was having a fit as the barber clipped his hair. And his parents tried to hold him down and even bribe him with some nice things if he settled down.

A stranger sitting near didn’t scoff or act uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, he told the boy’s parents that he’d had his twins in for haircuts the week before, and that wasn’t that easy a task. Then, that stranger even paid for the boy’s haircut. But what he didn’t no, and the parents didn’t bring up, is that the boy is autistic.

His mom posted a big thank you to the kind stranger on her Facebook page.

2. A teacher was on the playground with 10 of her kindergarten students and she watched a little girl start bullying a little boy, a boy who has autism. She followed him around and pushed him… hit him.

When the teacher separated the two, the girl went right back to messing with him. When she notices it again, the boy is having a meltdown and starting to self-harm himself. So the teacher cuddles and calms him, and he finally goes back to being happy again and playing ball with some of the others.

Then, that little girl starts creeping toward him again. The teacher is about to lose her cool on that little girl when all of a sudden, another boy yells, “Leave Him Alone!” Then he runs at the girl and tackles her. He gets up as she starts crying and he says, “It’s not fun when someone messes with you, is it?” Then he walks away.

When the girl walks up crying to the teacher, she pretends she didn’t see a thing and has the girl take a seat at a picnic table to calm down. She said she feels like a terrible teacher for how things played out, but she was so proud of that boy protecting the other boy… and teaching that little girl a lesson.

3. A man and woman in Singapore were having dinner with their 5-year-old son, who is autistic. He wondered over to another couple’s table and was fascinated with the ceiling fan moving above them.

His mom mouthed that she was sorry but the couple did not seem the slightest bit bothered by the presence of the little boy. After their meal, the waiter came over to inform them that their check was taken care of by that couple who had been sitting under the ceiling fan. Then, he gave them a note the couple left for them.

It read: “Special children are born to special people.”

4. During a flight from Europe, an autistic boy had a meltdown, and it put a lot of people on edge. So Rochel Groner, who runs an employment training center for those with disabilities, walked up to the boy’s parents and asked if she could help.

She then led the boy to an area of the plane where she comforted him and played with him.

Many of the passengers, including the boy’s parents, watched in awe as Rochel was able to almost effortlessly calm him down and keep him happy for the duration of the flight.

5. At a Chili’s in Midvale, Utah, 7-year-old Arianna Hill, who has autism, was preparing to eat with her family when she was served a cheeseburger that was cut in half. Arianna did not like that at all, telling her older sister that it was broken and she needed one that was “fixed.”

Her mom explained that to her server and said she would pay for another cheeseburger. But the server brought a full “fixed” cheeseburger back to Arianna free of extra charge.

The young girl was so thankful for her new sandwich that she gave it a couple of kisses, making the staff happy to be a part of the experience.

6. In Rock Hill, Missouri, at Bandana’s Restaurant, 10-year-old Noland started screaming and crying when his sister started bugging him. His mom bent down, rubbed his back and, after a few minutes, had him calmed down.

When their waitress came over, she handed them a note. It read: “Hi! We couldn’t help but notice what a great mother you are and what a beautiful family you have. God bless.”

7. Gayna was on a train with her two children, and one of them, 5-year-old Jack, who is autistic, had a fit.

Then 21-year-old passenger Dan Ball started distracting the little boy by playing with him, which quickly calmed him down. A photo of Dan playing with Jack and his little sister went viral, and Dan now works with Gayna to help raise awareness for the Come to My Rescue Initiative.

8. About two years ago, Emily was going through a checkout line at a grocery store when her 5-year-old daughter, Ella, who has serious medical conditions and autism, started acting up. All the noise in the store made her panic and go into a fit, and Emily could feel the stares and see the whispers.

But as Emily was unloading her groceries onto the checkout, the young man at the register gently took Ella’s hand, smiled and told her that she was beautiful. He then chatted with her and made her feel special, and he never stopped smiling at her. He genuinely cared, and Ella was a happy little girl once again, and felt very special.

I wanted to say thanks to Karl, the young man on Register 7 at Westlakes Coles today in SA. My daughter who is 5 has…

Posted by Emily Jakas on Saturday, 16 March 2013

9. In Bainbridge Island, Washington, 6-year-old Elliot was good at the dentist’s office, so his mom, Lauren, took him to get pancakes for a treat. Unfortunately, the restaurant was crowded, with a lot of noise. And Elliot, who has autism, went into panic mode.

Lauren forgot to bring his “calm-down” toys, so she took him outside and tried to soothe him. He calmed down and they went back in and had the pancakes. But right after that, he started going off again.

When Lauren asked for the check, her waiter said a stranger had paid for their meals, and left a note that read: “You’re doing a wonderful job! God bless, From a mother who knows.”

10. Sometimes, the parents of an autistic child doesn’t really know how to deal with the stares of others when their child has a meltdown. But after a woman yelled “what’s wrong with your son?”, Sunnie Sciascia quickly found out what she could do.

She had business cards printed up that she gave out to staring strangers informing them that her son had autism and could not control his outbursts. She wanted people to know this instead of thinking she’s a bad mom who let her kid have tantrums.

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