Stranger Pretends To Be The Victim Girl’s Mother To Keep Her Away From Trouble.

Saving lives is often seen as the role of our emergency professionals, who have trained for years in life-saving techniques. However, for those with or without training, unexpectedly being put in the situation of saving a life relies on quick-thinking, and heroic actions, and here are 10 stories on people who jumped into action and saved lives with just a moment’s notice.

1. It was early morning in Santa Ana, California, when a local woman became a true hero for one young girl and her family.

12-year-old Amy Martinez was on her way to school when a female stranger approached her, grabbed her and began to drag her away. Amy immediately began screaming for help, and luckily for her, a nearby woman didn’t hesitate to answer her calls.

The woman – who chose to remain anonymous — pretended to be Amy’s mother and screamed at the would-be kidnapper to let the girl go. It worked, and Amy was quickly released from the stranger’s hold. Amy was taken to the safety of her school, and police were called. They later captured and arrested the woman, who was later described as homeless.

For Amy and her family, it was truly a blessing that a ‘Good Samaritan’ was so close by.

2. For the drivers of public transportation, every day can be a challenge. Dealing with unruly passengers, however, was the least of one Ohio bus driver’s worries when he spotted a distressed-looking lady during his route.

Damone Hudson was driving his normal route and crossing over the Main Street Bridge in Dayton, Ohio, when he noticed a woman standing on the wrong side of the safety rails. He immediately pulled over the bus and began to approach her, asking her to step onto the other side of the safety rail, and even offered her a hug.

Hudson continued to talk to and comfort the desperate woman, until police arrived and took over. ‘All in day’s work’ for this true hero, as Hudson then simply continued driving his bus route, ensuring all his passengers were dropped off safely.

3. It was a shocking scene for onlookers in the streets of a busy city in Egypt, when a 5-year-old boy became stuck on a balcony’s edge. Police officers stood below the third-floor balcony, hoping the inevitable wouldn’t happen … but preparing for it regardless. They grabbed a nearby carpet and held it out as the boy began to fall.

But for one officer, it was a different spilt-second action that may have saved the boy’s life. The officer had realized that the carpet would not be strong enough to hold the falling child, so he quickly made the decision to hold out his arms and catch him himself. Thankfully, he made the catch, and the boy, miraculously, was not injured.

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مديرية أمن أسيوط:- ( يقظة وبطولة ثلاثة أمناء شرطة أثناء خدمتهم تنقذ حياة طفل عقب سقوطه من شرفة إحدى الشقق السكنية بالطابق الثالث )  فى ضوء المسئولية الإجتماعية الواقعة على عاتق رجال الشرطة والتى يُعد درء المخاطر عن المواطنين أحد أبرز أوجهها .. وأثناء قيام كلٍ من: 1. أمين الشرطة / كميل فتحى جيد- سن 45 . 2. أمين الشرطة / حسن سيد على- سن 38 . 3. أمين شرطة / صبرى محروس عزيز- سن 39 “من قوة قسم شرطة ثانى أسيوط”.  بأعمال تأمين المنشآت أسفل أبراج الوطنية الكائنة بشارع الجمهورية بدائرة القسم تلاحظ لهم قيام أحد الأطفال “يبلغ من العمر 5 سنوات” بالتدلى من شرفة إحدى الشقق السكنية بالطابق الثالث ومحاولته التشبث بسورها مما أدى لسقوطه.. فبادروا بإلتقاطه والإمساك به حيث لم يُصب الطفل بأية إصابات فى حين نتج عن ذلك إصابة أمين الشرطة الأول..نُقل على إثرها إلى مستشفى الشرطة بأسيوط لتلقى العلاج اللازم.

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4. At a motel in Wisconsin, the swift actions of a man saved a young girl from a terrible situation. All too often Amber Alerts arrive on our phones and T.V.’s, and for most of us, it won’t result in us making a 911 call. But for Paul Smith, it did, and that phone call may have saved one little girl’s life.

3-year-old Aubrey had gone missing, and the suspect was believed to have recently stabbed a member of his own family before fleeing. He then stole an SUV, put little Aubrey in it, and went on to commit a robbery.

After seeing the Amber Alert on the news, Paul realized the car shown on his T.V. screen, was the same car he’d seen parked outside his motel room and he called 911 immediately.

Once the police arrived, they found Aubrey inside a motel room, asleep and apparently unharmed. She was reunited with her mother, who was thankful that Paul was there and did what he did.

5. It could have been a tragic ending for a teenager with learning disabilities, if it wasn’t for the actions of his heroic twin brother. The two were enjoying an afternoon outside riding their bikes around their English hometown, when an accident almost caused Aaron to drown.

Luckily, his brother Joshua had his wits about him, and managed to come to his brother’s rescue just in the nick of time. Aaron had stopped by a lake to wash dirt off his hands, when he slipped into the water.

Realizing what had happened, Aaron rushed to his side, and held his brother’s head above water while screaming for help. By pure chance, two of the teenagers’ friends were nearby and ran to the scene.

Joshua quickly came up with a life-saving plan and instructed his two friends to form a human chain. This allowed Joshua to enter the water and pull his brother to safety.

6. For most 3-year-olds, an average day consists of play-time, naps and toys. For one 3-year-old, however, her daily activities quickly turned into something far more serious.

Sofia, from Essex, England, went from being just a regular toddler, to a real life-saver, when her mother, Patricia, collapsed at their home. Patricia suffers from a rare heart condition, which caused her to lose consciousness. Amazingly, the brave little girl knew just what to do and called 999 right away.

After explaining her mom had ‘fallen over’ and was lying on the floor, she stayed on the phone with the dispatcher until help arrived. Once she recovered, Patricia explained to impressed officers that Sofia had been shown how to call for emergency help; a lesson, her mother is very glad she taught her.

7. An 11-year-old boy from Texas has been branded a hero after foiling a kidnap attempt by a suspected sexual predator. TJ Smith was playing outside by his house when he spotted a 7-year-old girl nearby being approached by an older man.

The girl had been playing on her scooter and, at first, TJ assumed the older man was a relative. However, his instincts told him something wasn’t quite right, and as the strange man picked up the young girl and began walking away with her, TJ ran to inform one of his adult neighbors.

Well that neighborhood quickly sprang into action, and the suspect was found just in time, as he began to enter an abandoned house nearby…. with the girl still in his arms. After a short chase by some of the neighbors, the man was apprehended and taken into police custody.

The young hero was awarded an honorary police member badge.

8. They say it’s an older brother’s job to look after his younger sister, and that was definitely a role one brother in India took very seriously.

Nithin was at home alone with his younger sister Sharanya, 11, when she became a victim to the local wildlife. Unbeknownst to them, a venomous snake had entered their house, crawled up to the young girl… and bit her. Thankfully, her older brother quickly remembered how to help: by sucking the venom from the bite, a trick he’d learned by being taught first-aid.

He then rushed her to the local hospital, where doctors credited him with saving his sister’s life. His quick actions meant there was only a small amount of venom remaining in her body, and she went on to a full recovery.

9. Many parents despair at the amount of time their children like to spend watching T.V., but for one family, the viewing habits of their son turned out to be the difference between life and death.

12-year-old Ty Rees was watching T.V. when his 2-year-old sister, Star, entered the room and began to choke. The young girl had swallowed three 5 pence pieces, which had become lodged in her throat. Thankfully, her older brother had watched commercials advertising what to do if a child is choking. These were all part of a British charity’s awareness-raising campaign.

He quickly began to perform the maneuvers he’d seen on T.V. and was able to successfully dislodge the coins from his sister’s airway.

10. School shootings have become one of America’s most awful nightmares. For teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, that nightmare became a reality when a former student entered the school and began shooting.

One of the teachers at the school has been praised for her quick-thinking actions… actions that may have been saved the lives of all the students in her classroom that recent tragic day.

Shanthi Viswanathan was teaching an algebra class when the sound of shots being fired echoed through the hallways. As the fire alarm began blaring, Shanthi didn’t hesitate to show leadership and began to protect her students at all costs. She ordered the students into a huddle in the corner of the classroom, and then cleverly came up with an idea to conceal their presence.

She gathered some paper and put it across the room’s windows, so that the students would be hidden. Even after a SWAT team arrived and the shooting was over, Shanthi still refused to open her classroom door, telling them to find a key or kick the door down, perhaps she feared it was still part of the shooter’s deadly plan.

The SWAT team had to break the windows to the classroom to gain entry, and everyone in that room was taken outside to safety. Thanks to the quick-thinking ideas of their teacher, all the students in that room were able to go home that day.

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