Stranger Reacts Perfectly Seeing The Old Woman’s Love Towards Her Sick Husband.

Source: Reddit

I had a great day, about 2 years ago…

I stopped in to a coffee shop, and an elderly couple sat across from me. He clearly was suffering from dementia, and her caring for him was very tender and affectionate. On my way out I bought a gift card, and gave it to her, telling her how touched and inspired I was, and that the next coffee was on me. Tears welled in her eyes, she was just so happy that someone actually noticed.

Then I got on my motorcycle, and stopped to gas up. Checked my lottery ticket, good for $20, but I didn’t cash it. I’m off to the side of the parking lot, smoking a cigarette before I hit the road, when a police cruiser pulls up, lets a guy out of the back seat, and drives away. The guy approaches me, and says, “Sorry to bug you, dude, but I really need a smoke.” I replied, “Never seen a guy get out of a cop car needing a smoke, that didn’t need more than one.” I gave him the remainder of my pack, about half full.

Down the road I go, and an hour or two later I stop for another coffee. Outside, again having a smoke before I continue, there’s a young girl, and I nod and ask, “How’s it going?” Not good. Her and her BF had just been kicked out, and they were broke. I gave her what change I had, and apologized that it wasn’t more…it was maybe $5-$6. She thanked me profusely, and began to walk away…and that’s when I remembered the lottery ticket. I gave it to her and she broke into tears…now they could eat for a day or two.

Vroom, vroom….down the road. I am visiting a friend, and she’s delayed, so I decide to kill some time at….you got it…a coffee shop. They have a patio, and there’s a fella there that looked about 90 years old. I said hello, and before you know it, we’re involved in a conversation. Great guy, a WW2 pilot, bush pilot, businessman. His wife had died earlier that year, and he just wanted to get out of the retirement home for a change of scenery on a nice, sunny day. He had some terrific stories to tell. The time flew past.

That was a hell of a day. It just seemed like every time I turned around, I was able to make a small contribution toward brightening another person’s day. The stars really lined up, and I will never forget that day.

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