Stranger Regrets Adding $10 To Help This Mother Who Ask The Cashier For “$1.47 on 3 please” At The Gas Station.

Source: Reddit

I went to pump gas today. The card reader was broken so I went inside. As I opened the door I saw a mother holding her daughters hand saying “come here honey” as she inched towards the cashier. She then pulled out a crumpled dollar bill and some change and told the cashier “$1.47 on 3 please”. When it was my turn I added $10 to her pump. I tried to do the deed unnoticed but her $1.47 worth of gas ran out before I could enter my $10 worth. This resulted in me going outside and telling her to try the pump again. She knew it was me and was very thankful.

I cant help but wonder if the exchange was destiny at play. How often is a card reader broken at a gas station forcing you to go inside? Had that not been the case I wouldn’t have been presented the opportunity to help. Before the mother left she told me that she hopes someone does something nice for me in return. Though that would be appreciated, the only thing I truly hope for in return is to be presented with more opportunities where I can be of help.

I have yet a single regret: only adding $10.

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