Stranger Waited For The Girl To Leave The Empty Parking Lot.

Source: Reddit

I was in a parking lot changing my car battery with the help of my dad when a guy with a sweet Majora’s Mask tattoo came up and asked if I needed help. I said I was just changing my battery and thanked him for checking. When he walked away, my dad joked that no one ever checks on him in those situations and I joked that it only happens when I look cute. All jokes aside though, I actually really appreciated the guy for checking on me.

I appreciated it even more when I noticed that the guy stayed in his nearby car and didn’t drive away until I was in the safety of my own car. He couldn’t have known that the older gentleman helping me out was my dad. He just saw a 20-something gal with car troubles who was alone with an older man in an empty part of the parking lot, and he took time out of his day to make sure I wasn’t in a dangerous situation.

I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with strangers, so this experience helped restore my faith in humanity a bit. I’m grateful for the people in this world who, without any ulterior motive, look out for those around them.

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