Stranger writes note on dad’s bill at restaurant, not knowing one of his triplets has died.

In Cabot, Arkansas, Dan and Maxi Cortez went to a Red Lobster on Father’s Day to have a meal and spend time with the little 1-year-old girls, Harper and Harlow. When they had finished and asked for their bill, their waitress brought them a receipt, saying another family had taken care of their bill.

The receipt had a note on the back, and it read: “Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your babies. They don’t stay little long. From the family across from you.”

Dan and Maxi truly appreciated the kindness of these strangers paying for their meals, because it came on a special day when Dan and Maxi were remembering the third child of their triplets, Landon, who died at 7 weeks from meningitis.

And both mother and father were missing their little boy.

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