Strangers Fulfils A Dead Man’s Wish.

Russell Henry is a member of the Soggy Beavers canoeing team. One day, while training in Victoria’s inner harbor, Russell spotted something floating in the water. It was a bottle, and it had something inside it. He had his team members stop and pick it up.

Inside it was a note. It said: “If you find this, please throw it back in the ocean. My last wish is to see the world.”

On the other side of the note is a picture of a man, with the words: “Celebration of Life.”

The team thought about throwing the bottle back in the ocean and letting it continue to parts unknown. But then they figured they would give that bottle a lift, because they were all on their way to Alaska. So they took the bottle with them and named the bottle… and the man inside it… Ash.

Says Russell: “We really want to get Ash up to Alaska. He’s got to see the world, so we got to get him there.”

And there is always the possibility the team will run into someone else who is headed to Japan, and they will hand Ash off for that. Regardless, Russell and his friends are determined to make sure Ash’s final request is carried out. 

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