Strangers Paid For The Couple Marriage At The Hospital.

Sometimes, plans have to change when circumstances in life throw you a nasty curveball, and here are 9 stories of weddings that had to happen in hospitals.

1. 63-year-old Ray Kershaw of Greater Manchester had planned to marry his 45-year-old sweetheart Tracy, but last March, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

So the wedding was moved up quite a bit to last April, as Ray lie in a suit in a hospital bed, with his doctors saying he had only a short time left to live. Tracy held onto his hand as the minister married them in the small room, which held only a few close friends and relatives.

Because of Ray’s worsening condition, the wedding was arranged in 24 hours. The charity Gift of a Wedding took care of what was necessary. Ray died two days later.

2. On December 23rd of 2016, Heather Mosher was proposed to by David. That same day, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was one of the most aggressive types.

By last September, the cancer had spread and Heather started getting worse, so the couple decided to move up their planned wedding date, as the once vibrant 31-year-old Connecticut woman became hospitalized.

By now, she had lost all her hair, but for her wedding, she wore a wig that closely resembled her natural hair. She also wore a beautiful white wedding dress, and in a hospital chapel room filled with family, friends and many, many tears, David and Heather exchanged vows.

She died 18 hours later – exactly one year to the day that she was diagnosed with cancer and proposed to by David.

3. Geff and Celia Kinzel of Columbus, Ohio, planned out their wedding. But when they learned their 2-year-old son, Logan, had a brain tumor, they moved up their wedding date so he could be with them.

Geff was holding Logan when he and Celia exchanged vows at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

After multiple surgeries and chemotherapy, a portion of the large tumor in Logan’s head has been removed and the smaller ones are either gone or reduced in size.

4. In late December of 2016, in Indianapolis, Brian Powers and Kristin Owens were planning their wedding. Then, Kristin’s mom, Cheryl, learned she had stage 4 kidney cancer, and had only a few weeks left to live.

So the two moved up their wedding to January 3rd and exchanged their vows in Cheryl’s hospital room. Cheryl was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears because she had long thought about seeing her daughter get married. Five days later, Cheryl died.

5. Back in October, Little Paige Skarrats was so looking forward to being the flower girl during the wedding of her parents, Jacob and Tania. She let everyone know how excited she was about it. Then, the 4-year-old girl was diagnosed with brain cancer, and given just days to live.

Her parents quickly moved up their wedding and, as little Paige sat in a wheelchair holding a basket of flowers, her parents exchanged vows.

6. It was described as a fairytale wedding. In the Philippines, 29-year-old Rowden had long wanted to marry his love, Leizl. Then, he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.

While in a hospital bed, Rowden married Leizl. 10 hours later, he died.

7. Back in 2015, Abby had been a yearlong cancer patient at a New York hospital. While there, Abby took an extreme liking to one of her nurses – Matt Hickling. Abby liked him so much, that she wanted to marry him.

Abby’s mom told Matt that her little girl wanted to marry him. So Matt quickly organized a mock wedding and the next day, several hospital staffers gathered and hummed the wedding march as Abby walked through the room, holding flowers.

So today I got to help make a 4 year old leukemia patient’s “wedding” to her favorite nurse Matt Hickling happen at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers at AMC. Thanks to Scott Wright and the team at the Enchanted Garden for donating your time and amazing flowers and to everyone at AMC that helped pull this together in less than 24 hours. You people are amazing. THIS is why we go into nursing.

Posted by Lori Ciafardoni on Thursday, 16 July 2015

Then, she hugged Matt, dressed in a tuxedo shirt. He asked, “Will you marry me?” and Abby said “Of course, I’ll marry you.” They then exchanged ring pops.

8. 32-year-old Rachel Sanderson battled cancer for several years, but she was determined to fulfill her dream of marrying her sweetheart, Glen.

While in her hospital room, Rachel’s dream came true, as she and Glen wed. Three days later, Rachel lost her battle to cancer.

9. Omar was a young man at 16, but doctors told him leukemia was ravaging his body and he only had a short amount of time left. So he proposed to his girlfriend, Amie, and she said yes.

They were married in his hospital room, and a few days later, Omar died.

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