Stray Cat Refuses Food Unless It’s In A Bag She Can Carry, 1 Day They Follow Her And Quickly Understand.

In China, Dongsook was a stray cat that a compassionate woman in the neighborhood regularly fed. Dongsook would come around often for the woman to care for. But one day, the woman noticed that if food was put out on Dongsook’s plate, she would walk right by it.


She was only interested in food that was still in baggies, and she would grab it with her teeth and scamper off. As Dongsook kept running off with these baggies of food, the woman who was feeding her got more and more curious.

So finally, she decided she was going to follow that stray cat and find out what she was doing with all these baggies of food. She follow her a little ways and discovered that Dongsook was using it to feed her little kitten, the only one that had survived out of a litter of five.


They were in a little corner outside, in the elements. Dongsook would open the baggie with her teeth and let her baby feed from it first. If there was anything leftover, Dongsook would eat it. So the woman decided to take both cats to a new safer home, with a family that adopted them and promised to love and take care of them.

See for yourself how this sad story turns out in the video below.

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