Stray Dog Rescues Five Kittens From Freezing Cold.

A mother loves her babies, and she always will seem to love other babies. That apparently holds true for some animals.

Such an animal is named Serenity, a female dog in Ontario, Canada. Serenity is a stray dog, but she was found curled around, of all things, 5-week-old kittens… five of them. She was sheltering all of them from the bitter cold. She was protecting them the only way she knew how, just like any mother would do for her own baby.

The person who spotted these animals on the side of the road contacted an animal shelter to pick them up. A shelter representative said that if it wasn’t for the larger dog protecting them, the five kittens probably would not have been discovered, and could have died in the cold.

The shelter posted about the animals on its Facebook page, and the kittens have since been taken in by a foster family. Many responded to the Facebook post, urging the shelter to allow the dog and all of those kittens to be adopted by the same family. But those running the shelter resisted, saying it could take the dog months to be adopted out by a forever family.

Since then, several offers have been made to adopt Serenity, with many saying they loved her parental instincts. The shelter described Serenity as a 2-year-old dog with the energy of a toddler. She is “quite jumpy and needs to be taught some manners.” Well, manners or not, Serenity sure knows what to do in a serious situation, especially when it involves littles ones, whether they be other dogs or not.

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