Student Asks The Professor To Draft A Text Message To A Girl He Wanted To Take On A Date.

At Salt Lake Community College, 22-year-old Jake Moreno had a problem that most all young men deal with.…. uhhh…No, not that. He was trying to figure out a good way to ask a pretty young lady out on a date. So he asked Shannon Atkinson, his philosophy of religion professor.

Jacob wanted to know if the triangle and the Aristotelian Rhetoric could be used in asking a woman on a date. The professor agreed to help Jacob map it out, with the points being Ethos, Logos and Pathos.

He knew some things about her, and that translated into this text message from Jacob to the young lady named Hannah: Well hey, I hate to come on too strong here, but if you ever could use a stress-free night after work or need some food to keep you alive while you’re moving into your new apartment, I would love to take you to dinner. It would be fun and a great way for me to see your dog, which is low key why I’m doing this.”

Hmmm… a little different. But this was Hannah’s response: “Hey, that would be great! How about Friday night? I get off work at 6. I’ll be sure to bring Winston.”

And she ended it with a smiley wink.

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