Students Made Fun Of His Torn Shoes As His Parents Couldn’t Afford To Buy.

It’s sad that any kid has to deal with bullies in school. In McPherson, Kansas, 9-year-old Avah Parkins noticed that one boy in her class was being picked on by bullies. They were making fun of him over his shoes, which were falling apart. They were ripped open at the toe area, showing his socks. His parents couldn’t afford to buy him new ones.

Avah was really upset by how those other kids treated him, and she told her mom, Shannon, about it. So Shannon suggested something to her daughter to help the situation… to buy the boy some new shoes.

The next day, Avah found out the boy’s shoe size and told her mom. Then they went shopping for shoes. They found some, and they posted about it online. Shannon was very proud of her daughter for wanting to do this kind deed for another child.

Says Shannon: “It just warmed my heart. I don’t know. I am just so emotional. I cry all the time. She is such a good kid. It didn’t really surprise me. The world is so full of hate, we need more souls like Avahs!”

And the next day at school, Avah presented the pair of shoes to her classmate.

Says one person who commented on Shannon’s post: “Beautiful. I do hope teachers will take the time to remind their class that not all children are fortunate enough to have new shoes or ‘nice’ clothes. No child should be picked on for something out of their control. Avah is a wonderful young lady who obviously has kindness & selflessness beyond her years.”

When it comes to poverty, shoes are usually the most needed items. And that’s something to remember the next time you feel the need to donate.

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