From Suffering To Enjoying, Sweetie Has Seen A Lot. But She Never Thought The Change Would Be This Dramatic.

This is Sweetie, a dog retrieved by an animal rescue organization. This dog seemed to have been treated very badly, either by bad owners, or in worse circumstances. His condition showed signs of neglect, disregard, or possibly worse, malicious intent. Sweetie was in such a bad condition that some people suggested she be taken down to end her suffering, but that’s not what these people did.

Instead, Sweetie went to her final journey, a rescue journey, if you will, to make her physically feel she was starting to lead a new life. Thanks to the aid of compassionate people, Sweetie traveled miles, across bridges, roads, and in a boat across the open sea, to no less than the Isle of Wight. This magical journey is justly punctuated with the unspoken ending; Sweetie will lead a happy life in her new home for the rest of her days.







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