Surrogate Mother Keeps The Baby When Their Real Parents Abandon Her.

A same-sex couple asked Andrea Ott-Dahl to be their surrogate mother and carry their child because one of the women could not get pregnant through artificial insemination.

Andrea and the couple were informed four months into the pregnancy that the baby girl Andrea was carrying, who had already been named Delaney, would have Down syndrome.

They were devastated. The doctor said she would be born blind and have autism, as well as have a severe deformity with her head. The couple who asked Andrea to be the surrogate mom wanted to stop the pregnancy. But Andrea and her partner wanted to proceed with it and told the couple they would keep it as their own.

Well, THAT couple threatened Andrea with a lawsuit if she proceeded with the pregnancy. However Andrea was informed by another lawyer that the couple’s lawsuit against her would go nowhere. Regardless, Andrea was going to have that baby. So Andrea and her partner prepared for the challenges ahead of them, and on July 2, 2013, Delaney Skye was born.

She was born with a heart defect that required surgery. Aside from that, doctors confirmed that she was a healthy baby. There was no severe deformity with her head. And her parents say she is just like any other young child, getting into mischief and making messes.

Says Andrea: “We just want to show parents out there — you don’t have to lose hope. You don’t have to terminate your child. Down syndrome is a label and that’s what society does. It determines what people can and can’t do based on that label.”

She added that she and her partner had hit the lottery with Delaney…. and who could blame them? 

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