Swimmer Gets Disqualified From Special Olympics “For Going Too Fast”.

Earlier in 2016, 9-year-old Rory Logan, who has autism, swam the 50 meters in the Special Olympics regional finals in Bangor, North Wales. And, despite being the youngest competitor, came in first, with an incredible time of 53.15 seconds.

But, as it turns out, swimmers are not allow to be more than 15 percent faster than the qualifying heat that gets them in the finals, just to keep swimmers from being in a lower division’s finals. And Rory’s time was just a hair over that 15 percent, and he was disqualified and denied a gold medal. Instead, he was given a participation ribbon.

Now to say that Rory and his mother were disappointed in this “official ruling” would be quite an understatement. Rory’s mom says, “Someone please explain to me how a nine-year-old child would think of doing that or being that calculating.”

Rory just couldn’t understand what he did wrong. I suppose if there is any silver lining at all to this story, it’s that Rory went on in those finals to win 2 other gold medals, and that when he gets older, he’ll probably be going after some records set by another swimmer. I believe his name might be Michael Phelps. 

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