Swimming Champ Without Legs And One Arm.

It amazes me what some people can do. And it amazes me even more when people can do incredible things without their limbs, and here are 10 stories of remarkable people without legs.

1. 21-year-old Kayla Wheeler was born without both of her legs and her right arm. What she has done in the water has amazed people.

She has set the world record in championships and takes any other task head-on, like baseball, bowling and skiing.

When she’s done with competitive swimming, her sights are set on becoming a disability rights lawyer.

Says her mom, Joyce: “We always told her there is nothing you can’t do, we just might have to figure out a different way for you to do it, and she has pushed the envelope.”

2. Sometimes legs DON’T make the model. Take 23-year-old Kanya Sesser of Los Angeles. She’s pushing the boundaries of modeling perceptions by being featured in sexy lingerie.

Kanya was just a week old when she was abandoned at the steps of a Buddhist temple in Thailand. She was then adopted at 5 years old and brought by her parents back to Portland, Oregon. And now she wants to show that… even without legs… a woman can be very sexy. And in her modeling job, she’s making more than a thousand bucks a day.

Says Kanya: “It’s something fun and it shows my story… I’m different and that is sexy. I don’t need legs to feel sexy.”

3. Li of Chongqing, China, lost her legs at the age of 4 in a car accident. Because of that, she was actually inspired to help others, so, for many years, she has worked as a village doctor.

She actually gets around with the help of two, small wooden benches, and she wears them out after about 6 months and has to get new ones.

Sometimes, her husband will carry her on his back to get to her patients. But the most important thing to Li is making sure others are taken care of.

4. Landis Sims is 10, and he was born without hands and half his legs. He plays second base in Little League near Louisville, Kentucky, and he actually signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees in 2016.

After that signing, he put on his prosthetic legs and took batting practice with the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira just before a spring training game. Landis also got to meet his hero, Derek Jeter.

Yankees coach Joe Girardi says Landis is a true inspiration.

5. Legs are usually pretty important when it comes to wrestling. But 18-year-old Hasaan Hawthorne, of Alabama, has done an amazing job in high school wrestling matches without them. And he sure has the record to prove it.

Hasaan compiled a perfect 37-0 record during the season and won the state wrestling championship. And that’s an incredible thing to do for anyone WITH legs.

6. 23-year-old Michel Olson of Cypress, California, was born without arms and legs. But, incredibly, he’s a big-time gamer, and is very well respected in the gaming community.

The game that earned him most of that respect? First-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He uses a specially designed keyboard and mouse and is pretty much a master of the game. He often competes in tournaments… and he often wins them.

Here’s how one fellow player described Michel: “It’s not even that he’s good for a handicapped guy… he’s just straight up good!”

7. When someone wants to climb a bunch of steps, they always need their legs to be in good shape. Not so with Mandy Horvath, a Colorado Springs woman who climbed the Manitou Incline without having any legs.

The incline is near the base of Pike’s Peak, and is 2,700 steps! It’s a grueling task for even those with the best of legs. But Mandy, a double amputee, accomplished the feat by using only her arms.

And she was the first female double amputee to reach the top of it.

8. In Pittsburgh, Emmanuel Hilton is the goalie for his high school’s junior varsity team. And, like everyone else on this list, he has no legs. He wasn’t born with any, so his mom threw him out in the middle of the road… just like trash.

But he was soon rescued and taken to an orphanage in his native Congo, Africa. Some years later, he was adopted and brought to Pittsburgh. In soccer matches, he’s allowed to kick with his arms, but that’s the only break he gets. Everything else is by the book, and he inspires his coaches and all of his teammates by far exceeding their expectations.

9. 38-year-old Chris Koch, of Canada, was born with no arms or legs. Yet, he competed in the Calgary Marathon in 2016… and he completed it.

He “ran” the race with his normal mode of transportation – a longer type of skateboard. And he finished the race in 4 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds. He pushed himself the entire way with his partial right leg.

Says Chris: “I’m just a regular, normal guy. You don’t have to worry about taking pity on me, or worry about saying anything that’s gonna offend me.”

Chris lives life to the fullest and inspires others through motivational speaking.

10. To be a really good photographer, you’ve gotta look at life from a lot of different angles. And photographer Kevin Connolly likes to look at life… from the ground up.

Kevin was born without legs. He is well known for his shots of strangers looking down at him. Some show expressions of fear; others show confusion. And some look at him with sympathy.

Says Dan Wise, an instructor at Montana State University: “There’s a certain shock value in his images, and we are faced with who we are when we look it them… That’s the power of his photography.” 

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