“Tammy Was Told Something That Completely Shocked Her. Her Dad Was Not Her Real, Biological Dad.”

She goes by Tammy_Stead on YouTube. And a few years ago Tammy was told something that completely shocked her. Her dad was not her real, biological dad. The man who helped raised her and love her all those years was her stepdad.

Well, Tammy’s real dad was obviously out of the picture. So after all the shock finally wore off, Tammy decided to do something very special for that special man in her life. And she gave it to him for Christmas, while he was dressed as an elf.

Once he finally managed to get the packaging open and the folder open after that, he found adoption papers.

When he realized what it was, he raised his eyes up to Tammy and asked, “Are you sure?”

To which she responded with a laugh, “No, not really… but you know…”

The two then hugged very tightly for a minute, and tears started falling.

Then her father looked at her, smiled and said, “I own you.”

They laughed, and hugged again. It was definitely a Christmas present that will keep on giving… to both of them. 

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