Teacher Drops To Floor After Her Students Start To Sing.

59-year-old choir teacher Gabrielyn Watson had just beaten that nasty cancer thing, and she thought she was attending a special meeting at Chicago’s Morgan Park High School when, as she was walking with the aid of a cane down a hallway, one of her former students pops out and starts singing Amazing Grace. Then he’s joined by two more, as Gabrielyn slides to the floor, crying.

Then, the song gets quicker and more and more former students pop out doorways and other nooks and crannies…. singing and surprising her.

All of a sudden, the music teacher who was again relishing life so much was surrounded by current and former students singing that beautiful song.

Said Gabrielyn after the incredible performance by her students: “It’s so great to feel loved and know that what you do matters.”

This video was so compelling that Kleenex brand tissues used it for a commercial. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/1p3ta5clZd4?t=386

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