Teacher Gives His Last Lesson From Hospital Bed As “Dying Wish”.

In the middle of 2015, 34-year-old music teacher Liu Shengping invited his 20 students from Sichuan Normal University to his hospital room… for one final lesson.

Liu was dying from chronic liver failure, and only a transplant would save him. But he and his family could not afford the high cost of the operation, and two available transplant opportunities were missed because of this.

So this day, back in 2015 as his students gathered around his bed and started shedding tears, would be his last lesson, as his final dying wish. The lesson lasted only 13 minutes, but Liu wanted to impart to his students possibly the two most important things he knew.

First, he told them the best thing he himself learned was to always live a peaceful life. Secondly, and finally, he told them that the pursuit of materialistic things can distract them far from what is really important in life.

Rest in peace, Mr. Liu. You served your students well. Job well done, sir. 

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