Teacher Handles Her Most Naughtiest Student In The Most Brilliant Way.

Source: Reddit

My first year teaching I worked with twenty different classes. I normally have no problem with kids, but I had one student in a class of twelve year olds that was particularly difficult. He was likely going through things at home and was very disrespectful as a way of lashing out for attention. He would frequently disrupt the class. For example, he would frequently talk over me, say I was too young, and curse in class because he thought I didn’t understand, and do other things that were by no means unprecedented from a 12 year old acting out, but definitely made the class harder to get through.

One of the problems I had with him was he would always try and run back to his classroom once my class was done. At that age they weren’t expected to walk in lines in the school, but running was absolutely not cool. Finally I realized the ultimate revenge against a twelve year old boy. Since he couldn’t handle walking back without running I made him hold my hand all the way back to the class. He was super embarrassed and his friends were giggling, but after that he NEVER misbehaved in my class again.

Afterwards he ended up participating a lot more too. So win/win! 🙂

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