Teacher Heard Rumors That A Student Liked Her She Starts To Send Her Pictures.

A middle school teacher in Oklahoma is facing criminal charges after it was claimed she sexted a 16-year-old kid after claiming him she’d ‘heard he liked her.’

Ivy Reneau, 28, is accused with using technology to engage in sexually explicit contact with a juvenile, and an arrest warrant has been issued for her.

The former Midwest City Middle School teacher is still to be apprehended. Although the legal age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, persons in positions of power can still be prosecuted with having sexual interactions with kids aged 18 and younger.

Reneau met the youngster, who is a student in the district, at a soccer practice, according to new court records filed in Oklahoma County District Court. Reneau, who was an assistant soccer coach at the time, ‘heard whispers that he admired her and wished to see her run,’ according to court records.

According to court filings, Reneau then added the teenager on Snapchat and gave him three or four naked pictures and an improper video, which the youngster showed to a couple of his teammates.

According to social media analyst Patrick Allmond, users should believe that whatever photographs they transmit may as well be placed to a billboard for all to see, regardless of the fact that Snapchat images technically vanish after a short time.

‘With young kids and our instructors, there is often an implicit feeling of trust,’ Allmond added. ‘One of the benefits of Snapchat has been that it is extremely brief, very rapid, and then it disappears, potentially forever.’

‘Before you push submit, imagine that you might just as well be snapping that image and displaying it on a billboard on the side of, you know, Broadway Extension.’

Reneau told Midwest City police that she provided the images to the adolescent but refused any physical interaction.

According to court filings, the former instructor merely admitted that they had ‘spoke about hanging out one time but never followed through on it.’

The school system earlier published a statement detailing the situation, confirming Reneau’s departure from Mid-Del Schools. Her picture, however, seems to be still in the personnel directory on the school’s website.

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