Teacher Notices A Boy Distributing His Classmates 100 Euros Immediately Calls His Parents.

During lunchtime at a school in Spain, teachers started noticing something very odd. Many students were walking around with 100 euro notes on them. Kids in school don’t have money… not THAT kind of money anyway.

Turns out, a 10-year-old boy had brought 10,000 euros with him to school and handed it out to all his friends. That money was taken from his home. It was his grandfather’s life savings and was going to be used for the elderly man’s medical equipment.

When teachers found out, they contacted all the parents and asked them to return the money so they could get it back to where it rightfully belonged. And most all of the money was turned in to them.

It was a very kind gesture by the young boy… but, as often is the case… he should have asked first. And then been told: “No.” 

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