Teacher Surprised The Grieving Girls Who Lost Their Father.

Never miss an opportunity. And treat each other like family. Those are things that Davison, Michigan teacher Steve Colbert always tells his class. In early September, those sentiments would be tested.

Luke the father of two young girls, Alivia and Avery, was struggling with health problems, and the Daddy-Daughter Dance was coming up in October. Steve did not want those girls, who were formerly in his class, to miss out on it, so he invited them to join with his family for it.

Only days later, the young girls’ father died. That was obviously devastating, but Steve still wanted the girls to go to the dance. But he had a big surprise for them.

Everyone had gotten together and donated money for that surprise, and that surprise was a day at the salon to get ready for their big night at the dance; a limo, and the girls’ dresses and corsages were paid for. They felt like princesses.

At the dance, many of those in attendance were given balloons with #Be Like Luke on them. Because Avery and Olivia’s father, Luke, was an organ donor. And because of his kind gesture, 65 people were helped. So even in death, the girls’ father paid it forward.

Maybe it’s something you might consider as well. 

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