Teacher Takes Her Student Home Forever After His Mother Was Arrested.

When Robert Hurley was a young boy growing up in Florida, his mom was a drug dealer and his father was a drug addict. He often had to sleep on the floor. Obviously, a horrible thing.

The law finally caught up with them, and Robert was put in a group home. Growing up, he had an unlikely mentor, a 73-year-old volunteer at the home who took a great interest in him, and encouraged him through his school years, and Robert really started focusing on his education.

While in high school, one of his teachers, Amy Krusemark, also took a great interest in Robert. He was a bright young man, far away now from a rough past. But when she found out the group home was going to take him out of school and move him elsewhere, Amy didn’t want him to go. So she and her boyfriend began the process of becoming Robert’s legal guardians and Robert moved in with them, and he was now with people who truly cared about him. And he even studied harder at school.

In the end, he was his class’ valedictorian. He received several full scholarship offers from colleges, including Yale, Stanford, Duke, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Florida. Robert chose Stanford, where his studies will place him in the medical field.

Says Robert: “I want to be successful and make an impact. With all the relationships I’ve made, I don’t want to let anyone down.”

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