Teacher Who Said “I Will Quit If I Have Him In My Class” Finally Adopts Him.

Teachers and students can sometimes share a very special relationship. Some students are able to touch the lives of their teachers and just like that the teachers are able to make a significant difference in the lives of their students, and here are 5 teachers who did the best thing ever for students in trouble.

1. From troubled beginnings to a healthy new start is what Cruz Riojas was striving for. But he never let anyone know how disturbed he was with his home life and always made a joke about everything to change the subject. He gradually started becoming very aggressive and physical with his classmates.

A 6th grade student at Brown Elementary, Lubbock, Texas lived with his mother, step father and 5 half siblings. His step father abused and tormented him to the extent that Cruz at school was slow at reading and academically weak. He often fought with his physical ed teacher and threw chairs in his classroom.

But one teacher saw something special in Cruz, Linda Hooper wanted to work with Cruz to bring the best out of him. She would ask Cruz to help her grade papers, reshelf books and other school tasks, which eventually also turned into Linda’s household chores for allowance money, not just that, Linda also got Cruz his first paper route job.

The beatings at Cruz’s home became so violent, that Cruz permanently moved in with Linda and her family, husband Gale and 3 daughters all lovingly took Cruz in.

After a few years, Linda and Gale adopted Cruz and began a new life together as a family.

2. Spent most of his adolescent years in foster care, since the age of 9, Anthony didn’t have anyone he could really call Mom. Until one day when he met Bennie Berry his English teacher at Pathways learning center in Beaumont, Texas. Anthony was 16 at the time and asked outright, if Bennie could adopt him, and well she gladly did.

‘If you have ever thought about adoption or didn’t want to be adopted, actually try it because you never know,’ he added. ‘Take into consideration that someone that doesn’t love you, there is always someone that will love you.’

And for his new mother, she says she loves how much of an ‘ideal’ and ‘model’ student the boy is.

3. “They have been amazing parents and compelling advocates for our foster and adoptive youth, as well as for individuals with disabilities.” Is what congresswoman Julia Brownley had to say about the couple Jim and Cathi who live in Ojai Valley, California.

When Cathi Nye found out a little boy with cerebral palsy in her special education class would have to leave because he was being shuffled to a different group home, she knew she had to do something. She went home and talked to her husband, Jim Nye, and they quickly decided to bring the 5-year-old boy — John — home. Three weeks later, he was dropped off at the Nye family home with all his stuff.

A few years later, the Ojai Valley couple adopted a girl who had been John’s foster sister — Frances, who also has cerebral palsy.

Cathi and Jim said they’ve always had an affinity for helping people, and always kept their home and their arms open — which is why Congresswoman Julia Brownley honored them with the “Angels in Adoption” award.

4. For 45 year old Jodie Kacz, teaching was everything and her children were her life. She was offered a teaching program at the Mexican orphanage and was really looking forward to it, however, due to a heart condition she could not take on the assignment, infact that is one of the reasons why she could not have her own baby.

At the Mexican orphanage was this little boy named Orlando Pena who later found his way to Jodie’s classroom and Jodie was so fond of this boy. She would often tell her husband that if she had a chance to adopt a kid, that kid would be just like Orlando.

On National adoption day her dream became a reality when she actually adopted Orlando and brought him home for a new life.

5. When child protective services came to her school to speak to two of her kids, she instantly knew something had to be done and she had to step up.

Sonya Romero of Albequerque, New Mexico is an elementary school teacher who loves her kids more than anything in this world. She genuinely cares for them and is a role model to them, says other teachers of the school.

If you say I love you Ms Sonya, she’ll say I love you too, says one of her kindergarten students. Each day she’ll ask the kids if they had their breakfast, if they brushed their teeth, did they have clean clothes to wear. For the first hour, that’s what she does with her kids, just to know that they are well taken care of and are healthy.

But when child protective services needed someone to take care of 2 kids for 48 hours, Sonya couldn’t resist. It was supposed to be temporary, but days became weeks and after 6 months, Sonya finally decided to adopt the two kids.

Bonus story. Abandoned at birth by her parents in a garbage can, left to die, whilst insects and bugs eat away her skin and her nose, she finally is rescued by the police and is given medical care. But this clinic in Gujarat, India could not save the little girls nose.

For 3 years, this girl called Durga spent in an orphanage and with each passing day hoped that some day a loving couple would adopt her. But no one did. Couples instantly rejected Durga after seeing her disfigured nose.

But this 44 year old Ohio teacher, Kristen Williams saw Durgas beautiful eyes and instantly knew that she wanted to be her mother. A year later, her dream came true and she legally adopted Durga and brought her to Cincinatti, Ohio where Durga met Munni, her elder sister. Munni had also been adopted by Kristen a few years earlier.

It’s people like Kristen, who are warm and loving, that make this world a better place.

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