Teen Asks for Forgiveness From Family of Woman He Killed

Jaden Churchheus, a teen from Ohio asked for mercy from the family of a mother-of-four who was slaughtered after Jaden and a friend pressed a 74-pound log off a cliff previous year.

The incident took place in Hocking Hills State Park on Labor Day last year that crushed Photographer Victoria Schafer, 44-year-old from Chillicothe, to death. Jaden pleaded guilty to unintentional killing two weeks ago and on Friday Jordan Buckley, 17, come into the same petition.

Expressing his guilt to Victoria’s family, Jaden said that no words can bring her back and his action that day has caused her family’s life to change forever.

While begging mercy, Jaden told to the grief-stricken family that he would like to use this tragic experience to stop others from making alike blunder. He continued saying that there will not be a day for the rest of his life that he will not think of this tragedy.

Victoria Schafer possessed a photography workshop and was well known in her native community for her donations work and backing to various causes over the years.

Victoria’s death had originally been declared as an accident, but after primary enquiry authorities learned proof that the log had been thrown off a cliff before gravely striking her. She was taking pictures with five of her scholars when the log fell around 75 feet off the cliff and landed on top of her where she was sitting on a stairway, killing her on the spot.

Cops received a tip that a 16-year-old boy had texted another young boy also 16, that he’d done something ruthless at the park.  An added enquiry led to the detentions of the two boys from Logan. Boys reportedly admitted to police that they were involved in forcing the log over the cliff. Yet, at a detention trial both of the boys deprived of the crimes.

Boy’s colleague Miranda said that she was with them at the time of the instance and attested that they pushed the 6-foot log and they found that to be amusing.  

The prosecuting attorney pressed to have them treated as adults because they tried to cover up the offense and didn’t come forward until a month after the instance. The prosecutor also alleged that the boys were drunk at the time when they did the crime.

Family members of photographer killed in Hocking Hills share emotions during sentencings

Two teens were formally sentenced as juveniles for pushing a log over a cliff that killed a Chillicothe photographer last year. Jordan Buckley and Jaden Churchheus were sentenced to three years in a juvenile detention facility for involuntary manslaughter, but not before hearing from the family of Victoria Schafer.

Posted by WSYX ABC 6 on Friday, October 16, 2020

The two defendants have been classified as ‘Serious Youth Offenders’ by The Hocking Juvenile Court.  The teenagers took a plea deal that reduced the charges from homicide and irresponsible killing and transferred the case back to juvenile court.

The prosecutor said the juvenile had been in counselling since December 2019. The magistrate has suggested that they spend 3 to 4-and-a-half years in jail. The juvenile boys are set to penalized on October 15.

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