Teen Freezes To Death After Father Threw Him Out Of His House For Smoking Cannabis.

Lyndon Turner’s frozen body was discovered in the parking lot of a commuter belt beauty spot barely a day after his dad threw him out of the family home. He’d supposedly stopped to recuperate after walking six miles from his sales executive father’s Ascot house after a heated argument over drug misuse.

An inquest heard how the battle began after Turner was involved in a minor automobile accident the day before, which his dad Graham suspected was provoked by his cannabis usage. He was tossed out of the house and subsequently located when walkers in the park in Surrey alerted the police the next day.

According to reports, despite the greatest efforts of paramedics, they were unable to rescue him. Lyndon died of ‘significant hypothermia,’ according to assistant coroner Karen Henderson. She is confident he was at Chobham Common on the night of December 1, 2020, that he fell asleep during that length of time, and given the time of year, it led in considerable hypothermia, which is directly causative of his death, she added.

Text messages between Lyndon and his sisters, as per sources, demonstrated that the father and son had a troubled relationship after his mom, Sarah Turner, died three years ago. A 17-year-old kid was detained and is being investigated on suspicion of supplying him with drugs.

According to the court, his dad informed him he wasn’t welcome to remain at the house and that he had buddies he could hang out with rather. Despite extensive investigations, it was impossible to determine where Lyndon traveled between leaving his Ascot home six miles away and arriving to the common. Dr. Henderson also told the court that she had seen texts between Lyndon and his sister that suggested he was dissatisfied with his dad’s choice and the challenges they had encountered.

According to the report, the toxicology investigation revealed that the kid had used cannabis often, however the reason for his death was hypothermia. Dr. Henderson summarised the situation as follows- there were some issues with his family circumstances, and he was advised not to stay at home owing to a recent vehicle accident and his dad’s suspicions that he had been using cannabis. Regrettably, he did not chose to live elsewhere.

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