Teen Makes Facebook Post Immediately After Killing 2 People In Car Accident.

Brianna Longoria was just 18 years old when she damaged not only her own life but also claimed the lives of two others in a devastating vehicle accident on an otherwise regular afternoon, just as schools were closing for the day. The California adolescent was driving with two other pals when she failed to stop at a stop sign, resulting in a horrific incident in which she T-boned another vehicle.

The driver of the second vehicle had just finished a four-way stop and was pulling through the intersection when Longoria sped through, slamming the tan Toyota Corolla into the desert. Longoria murdered the two guys in the Toyota she hit with her blue Honda.

Both males, whose identities were not revealed to the public, were said to have perished at the scene of the collision. In contrast, Brianna Longoria and her companions were sent to the hospital but just for minor injuries. Soon later, the three girls were freed.

Longoria’s automobile apparently drove past the junction without halting at the stop sign. Longoria was not on her phone, according to authorities. They also maintain there is no tendency to presume she was drinking or using drugs, and that speed was not the cause.

But, the Lancaster teenager received little compassion after others read what she shared on social media only hours after allegedly killing two men in a horrific vehicle accident. She is all over the news of the horrible vehicle collision 2 killed, she said about the event on Facebook.

However, some social media posts and buzz suggested that Longoria had a medical problem, such as a seizure, which led to the crime, yet those allegations have yet to be proven. But, the adolescent has not been convicted with anything.

Whatever the reason for the tragedy, many people correctly considered the teen’s social media post to be offensive, and they let everyone know. The post became viral when her mishap was shown on the evening news and she posted a somewhat shocked post about her sudden notoriety, as though she felt delight and was even joyful with the press coverage.

Brianna Longoria became famous throughout the world, but not for the 15 minutes of social media stardom that most teenagers want. Her chilly self-promotion quickly became “all over the news” in areas she’d never heard of. Unfortunately, the men she killed were an afterthought, as Longoria used their deaths to draw attention to herself. Rather than shining a loving light on those who were sadly slain, a bad light was put on an adolescent who did what so many do nowadays: overshared on social media as if disconnected from the realities being written about.

Longoria isn’t the only youngster to resort to social media after murdering someone in a vehicle accident. In reality, after killing 16-year-old Trevius Williams while crossing the street in Jacksonville, Florida, a 19-year-old man posted,“I jus (sic) killed a man” and “RIP”

Worse, the 19-year-old driver allegedly uploaded a photo of the kid he murdered, infuriating the boy’s family.

Coles stated that none of his loved ones would see him again until he was laid to rest.

As if that wasn’t terrible enough, the 19-year-old driver commented on social media only hours before the tragedy, “I drink so much damn lean I feel like I’m off a NyQuil,” alluding to a cough syrup and soda cocktail. Officials, on the other hand, told Coles a different narrative.

She is outraged since cops indicated there was no drinking or drugs involved, Coles explained. How would they understand if he wasn’t tested? she wondered, after missing her kid while out for a loaf of bread. Her anguish was obvious in her comments as she described the time she saw her son’s body.

She simply shook him and hoped he was sleeping, Coles remembered. But he had already left. One can only imagine her anguish at having to relive that time as photographs of her son’s body surfaced on social media. Even while we live in a culture where individuals can exchange information immediately, that doesn’t imply we should.

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