Teen On Life Support After Being Shot In The Head By Ex-Bf For Breaking Up With Him.

This week, a disaster occurred when a Utah adolescent broke up with her boyfriend.

According to local news sites, 17-year-old Lily Conroy was shot in the head by her ex-boyfriend in an attempted murder-suicide shortly after they ended their relationship.

The adolescent is now on life support.

Masao Kaanga, 19, is the teen’s boyfriend, according to reports. However, the older adolescent was not pleased with the breakup and started threatening the girl.

The duo were in a vehicle in a Springville park on Wednesday when police performed a welfare check.

According to reports, the teens were discovered with gunshot injuries to their heads and “slumped over in the front seats” of Kaanga’s car. While the younger adolescent was “mortally wounded,” Kaanga died at the site.

Conroy, unfortunately, is not expected to live. She is only on life support in order to save her organs. “The family hopes to continue their daughter’s memory by assisting someone in need,” stated Springville Police Lt. Warren Foster.

The teen’s family has put up a GoFundMe page. It has currently raised approximately $33k.

Springville High School’s softball team paid its own respects on Thursday to 17-year-old Lily Conroy, who was shot by an ex in a murder-suicide scenario the night before… KSL 5 TV #KSLTV #utah Photojournalist: Ray Boone

Posted by Andrew Adams KSL on Thursday, May 19, 2022

According to the post, “She is just 17 years old and leaves behind her parents and two younger sisters who adore her. Lily was brimming with life and love. This disaster, which has impacted so many people, has deeply saddened everyone in the town.”

Conroy attended Springville High School and was a member of the softball team.

This week, a candlelight vigil was conducted in her honor.

 Bishop Ryan Fish, who conducted the vigil, expressed that “currently, all we can do is love them. Fantastic families. They’ve been a part of our community for a long time and are widely regarded and liked by everyone, including their children. People who are simply great.”

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